Occupational Health and Safety Code and OHS Code Explanation Guide

The Occupational Health and Safety Code sets out the minimum technical requirements for health and safety in Alberta‚Äôs workplaces. The OHS Code Explanation Guide explains the requirements of the OHS Code in plain, easy-to-understand language.  Also included are hundreds of illustrations to help readers further understand the requirements of the OHS Code.
Occupational Health and Safety Code OHS Code Explanation Guide
Also available in the following formats:

OHS Code Handbook

OHS Code Binder

OHS Code Explanation Guide Handbook

OHS Code Explanation Guide Binder

OHS On-line Subscription

This online subscription provides access to all OHS legislation, including the OHS Code and OHS Code Explanation Guide. The subscription service allows users to search OHS Legislation by keyword or phrase on all internet capable devices.

You can also print portions of the resources and download materials to your device for offline reference and use. This resource is for anyone who requires advanced access to the Code and related materials that are updated constantly.

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