O.C. 54/2001

January 30, 2001



Special Provisions for the Organization and Operation of

The Municipal District of Mackenzie No. 23


1 In this Order,

Change of status to specialized municipality

2 (1) The status of the old municipality is changed to a specialized municipality to address concerns about municipal government and management in a municipality that serves a number of unique communities within a very large territory.

Council of new municipality

3 (1) The council of the new municipality is to be comprised of 10 councillors.


4 The wards of the new municipality are those described in Schedule 2.

Requirement for valid bylaw or resolution

5 Despite section 181 of the Municipal Government Act, bylaws and resolutions relating to the following matters are not valid unless passed at a council meeting at which 2/3 of the councillors present at the meeting vote in favour of the bylaw or resolution:

Termination or amendment of agreements

6 (1) In this section, “agreement” means a revenue sharing or cost sharing agreement between