O.C. 175/2020

A.R. 89/2020

June 3, 2020

            The Lieutenant Governor in Council makes the Nursing Homes General Amendment Regulation set out in the attached Appendix.

For Information only

Recommended by:          Minister of Health

Authority:                             Nursing Homes Act
                                                (section 23)



Nursing Homes Act


1   The Nursing Homes General Regulation (AR 232/85) is amended by this Regulation.


2   Section 1 is amended

                                 (a)    by adding the following after clause (f):

                                       (f.1)    “nurse practitioner” means a regulated member registered on the nurse practitioner register under the Registered Nurses Profession Regulation (AR 232/2005);

                                 (b)    by adding the following after clause (h):

                                      (h.1)    “regulated member” means a regulated member as defined in the Health Professions Act;


3   Section 2(f) is amended by striking out “physician” and substituting “regulated member”.


4   Section 11(2) is amended by adding “or nurse practitioner” after “attending physician” wherever it occurs.


5   This Regulation has effect on August 15, 2020.