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To subscribe to or obtain official printed copies or electronic copies of the Alberta Gazette, please contact Alberta Queen's Printer.

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    Telephone: 780-427-4952 (toll free in Alberta by first dialing 310-0000)
    Fax: 780-452-0668
    Mail/in-person: 7th Floor, Park Plaza, 10611 98 AVE, Edmonton, AB T5K 2P7

Payment options include: credit card (Americian Express/MasterCard/Visa), Interac, cheque (payable to the Government of Alberta), money order, cash or on account. If you do not have a Queen's Printer account, a credit application form can be sent to you.

Subscription Fees

Annual Subscription (24 issues) consisting of:

Part I/Part II, and annual index - Print version


Part I or Part II, and annual index - Electronic version



Single issue (Part I/Part II)


Annual Index to Part I or Part II


Alberta Gazette Bound Part I


Alberta Gazette Bound Part II (Regulations)


Please note: Shipping and handling charges apply for orders outside of Alberta.

The following shipping and handling charges apply for The Alberta Gazette:

Annual Subscription - Print version


Individual Gazette Publications

$6.00 plus GST on orders of $19.99 or less

Individual Gazette Publications

$10.00 plus GST on orders of $20.00 or more

Please add 5% GST to the above prices (registration number 124072513RT).

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