I, Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs, pursuant to Sections 3 and 63 of the Special Areas Disposition Regulation (AR 137/2001), make the following order:


That the rates and application of deposit for pasturing livestock, excluding horses, in Special Areas community pastures be established according to the attached Schedule A.


Ministerial Order No. MSL:001/20 is hereby rescinded.





Dated at Edmonton, Alberta, this 15th day of March, 2021.








                                                                     Ric McIver

                                                                     Minister of Municipal Affairs






Schedule A to Ministerial Order No. MSD:029/21


Special Areas Permit Rates for Community Pastures


Application of Deposit for Pasturing Stock




1.    The rates to be charged to pasture stock shall be:


·         Cattle (including bulls and yearlings)       $0.90 per head per day


·         Calves admitted with dam or                  

            born in a community pasture                    $8.00 per calf to October 31


2.    Deposit rate                                                    $2.00 per head


3.    Application for deposit


·         If the application is approved, the deposit of $2.00 per head is subject to forfeiture for failure to occupy the community pasture.


·         If the application is approved, the deposit shall be applied as a credit towards the pasture fee charged for the term.


·         If the application is not approved, the deposit shall be refunded.