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No. 2021-07


Office of the Minister




WHEREAS, pursuant to section 9 of the Government Organization Act and the Employment and Immigration Grant Regulation (AR 94/2009), the Minister may make grants for any purpose related to any program, service or matter under the administration of the Minister, and establish eligibility criteria for grants;


I, Jason Copping, Minister of Labour and Immigration, hereby:


1         Designate the Critical Worker Benefit Grant as a program grant.


2         Establish the eligibility criteria for the Critical Worker Benefit Grant set forth in the attached Schedule A.



DATED at Edmonton, Alberta this 17 day of February, 2021.








                                                                        Jason Copping

                                                                        Minister of Labour and Immigration



Schedule A


Critical Worker Benefit





To recognize workers’ ongoing efforts providing critical, front line or public-facing services through a government grant to workers. As this is funding provided from government to workers, this benefit is not intended to affect any employment agreement, including a collective agreement or alter any terms and conditions of workers’ employment. In administering the benefit, employers are required to comply with the Critical Worker Benefit program guidelines and the applicable grant agreement, and employers do not have discretion with respect to the amount of the benefit or a worker’s eligibility for the benefit. Employers are administering funds on behalf of government.




To provide a provincial Critical Worker Benefit to eligible Alberta employers, to be distributed to eligible workers, and to provide a prescribed administration grant to eligible Alberta employers.


Eligibility is determined by the Critical Worker Benefit program. Eligible workers include those workers employed in an eligible workplace and occupation, during an eligible time period, and employed by eligible employers, as determined by the Critical Worker Benefit program. 


The Critical Worker Benefit provides a $1200 one-time payment of government funds to eligible workers, administered by eligible Alberta employers, subject to deductions, as outlined in the program guidelines.