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Bill 201

Mr. Gotfried


Chapter S‑19.8

(Assented to June 26, 2020)

Table of Contents

                1       Definitions

                2       Establishment of council

                3       Purpose of council

                4       Duties of council

                5       Powers of council

                6       Appointment of members

                7       Remuneration and expenses

                8       Coming into force and repeal

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, enacts as follows:


1   In this Act,

                             (a)    “council” means the council established under section 2;

                             (b)    “Minister” means the Minister designated under section 16 of the Government Organization Act as the Minister responsible for this Act;

                             (c)    “member”, of the council, means a member appointed to the council under section 6(1).

Establishment of council

2   The Strategic Aviation Advisory Council is established.

Purpose of council

3   For the purpose of building on Alberta’s rich aviation history and potential for development of a world-leading aviation and aerospace sector, the council is to make recommendations in respect of each of the following:

                             (a)    strategic planning, prioritization, securement and retention of intra-provincial, regional, national and international air services in support of economic growth, tourism development and sectoral diversification;

                             (b)    strategic utilization, optimization and investment in aviation-related programs and infrastructure to address opportunities for commercial and private pilot training and licensing;

                             (c)    improvements to scheduled, charter and general aviation- airport services and infrastructure, including services to remote communities;

                             (d)    supporting focused development of aviation and aerospace- related research, technology, programming, production capacity and operational expertise and training;

                             (e)    supporting emergency medical and fire response in the province through aviation-related services and infrastructure;

                              (f)    supporting agriculture-focused aviation-related services and infrastructure;

                             (g)    federally regulated aviation-airport services and airport and transportation policy to the extent that such policies may positively or negatively impact the province.

Duties of council

4   To fulfill its purposes under section 3, the council must do each of the following:

                             (a)    research and analyze information about aviation and aerospace-related services, infrastructure and training, and other sectors, directly or indirectly, impacted by these services;

                             (b)    consult with key sectoral corporations, organizations, associations, institutions and professional and employee groups;

                             (c)    prepare and submit to the Minister an annual report containing the following:

                                     (i)    recommendations in respect of improving aviation and aerospace-related services, infrastructure and training;

                                    (ii)    a report on progress in respect of the previous year’s recommendations.

Powers of council

5   In carrying out its duties under section 4, the council may do any of the following:

                             (a)    request from any Minister information and data on which to base its recommendations;

                             (b)    receive and hear submissions from individuals or groups relating to the council’s purposes;

                             (c)    publish any submissions that are included in a report to the Minister.

Appointment of members

6(1)  Subject to subsections (2) and (3), the Lieutenant Governor in Council must appoint at least 7 members but no more than 15 members to the council for a term not exceeding 4 years.

(2)  An individual is eligible to be appointed as a member only if they are, at the time of the appointment, a resident of Alberta.

(3)  The members of the council must include, but are not limited to, individuals from the following sectors or organizations:

                             (a)    airlines or commercial aviation;

                             (b)    aerodrome, airport or air-navigation authorities;

                             (c)    economic development, trade or tourism;

                             (d)    pilot-training institutions and programs;

                             (e)    aircraft maintenance training institutions and programs;

                              (f)    aerospace engineering or emerging technology;

                             (g)    search and rescue, emergency medical or air ambulance;

                             (h)    emergency management, agriculture or forestry;

                              (i)    consumers;

                              (j)    legal, finance, labour or professional organizations.

(4)  The Lieutenant Governor in Council must designate a member as the Chair of the council.

(5)  The Chair designated under subsection (4) is responsible for ensuring that the council fulfills its purposes and duties under this Act.

(6)  The Minister responsible for the Department of Transportation must provide secretarial support to the council for the purpose of fulfilling its duties under this Act.

Remuneration and expenses

7   The Lieutenant Governor in Council may set out each of the following in a member’s appointment:

                             (a)    the amount of remuneration that may be paid to the member;

                             (b)    each type of expense for which the member may be reimbursed.

Coming into force and repeal

8(1)  This Act

                             (a)    comes into force on December 31, 2020, and

                             (b)    unless continued for the period specified in an order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, is repealed on December 31, 2025.

(2)  If an order is made under subsection (1)(b), this Act is repealed on the day immediately following the day on which the period specified in the order expires.