Alberta Gazette

The Alberta Gazette is the "official newspaper" of the Government of Alberta. It consists of two parts, Part I and Part II, and is published twice a month by Alberta Queen's Printer. The Gazette includes new and amending Regulations, assorted government notices, as well as private sector public notices that are required by Statute to be published.

The Alberta Gazette is provided online in both Adobe PDF PDF Version and text Text Version formats (PDF files range in size from 8 to 6593 KB).

The Registrar's Periodical is published by Service Alberta twice a month. The Periodical contains the corporate registry listing previously published in the Alberta Gazette Part 1. The Periodical is provided online in both Adobe PDF PDF Version and text Text Version formats. For the Adobe Reader plugin, please visit the Adobe website.

The Alberta Gazette Part 1 The Alberta Gazette Part 2 The Alberta Gazette Registrar's Periodical

Contains Proclamations, Orders in Council, Appointments, Resignations and Retirements, Government Notices and Advertisements.

Contains amendments to Regulations as well as new Regulations filed with the Registrar of Regulations. These Regulations, as filed and published under the Regulations Act, must be consulted when interpreting and applying the law.

Contains Corporate Registrations, Incorporations and Continuations; Corporate Name Changes, and other corporate notices required by Statute to be published.

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The Queen's Printer Regulations regulates the manner in which The Alberta Gazette is published, the publication and advertising deadline dates and subscriptions.