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"Specified Penalty Listing - April 2020 "

Specified Penalty Listing - April 2020

An erratum has been issued to this version of the Specified Penalty Listing, to include changes that occurred after the printing was completed.

The Specified Penalty Listing is a must have reference tool for the enforcement community, consisting primarily of a listing of all offences under the Statutes and Regulations of Alberta having specified penalties prescribed under the Procedures Regulation (AR 63/2017, as amended). Also included, are offences under the Statutes and Regulations where the ticket issued requires a mandatory court appearance and no specified penalty option may be exercised. Now included in the Specified Penalty Listing are the general court sitting dates for 2020 and 2021. This information has been included to assist officers in selecting a court appearance date when issuing a violation ticket.
    Status: Current
    Ministry Responsible: Justice and Solicitor General
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779816392
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