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"Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation "

Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation

(As of January 1, 2018 this Regulation will apply only in the City of Lloydminster, as well as for assessment complaints in the rest of Alberta that were initiated prior to January 1, 2018)

The Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation sets out instructions for: - board structures for property assessment and tax complaint hearings; - timelines for hearing complaints and the exchange and disclosure of evidence; - a schedule of fees and penalties to encourage accountability and compliance from all participants in the complaint process; and - instructions around mandatory board member training.
    Chapter/Regulation: 310/2009
    Status: Office Consolidation
    Related Act
    Ministry Responsible: Municipal Affairs
    Current to 220/2018
    Item/ISBN#: 9780779807413
    Regulation-Making Authority: Ministerial Order
    Pages 35
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