Orders in Council

Orders in Council are the instrument by which the Lieutenant Governor in Council makes its orders. These orders may or may not be a Regulation, as defined in the Regulations Act.

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To search the Orders in Council use the search functionality on the right. You can search by Year, Month, Originating Ministry/Department, Description, Legislative Authority and/or Order in Council number (3 digit number/4 digit year such as 005/1987). The Orders in Council will reflect the name of the ministry from the time when the Order in Council was created. The most recent Orders in Council are listed below.

Information has been added to the description field for all Orders in Council dated from January 1, 2009 to current. Alberta Queen's Printer will continue to populate this field with historical Orders in Council information in a descending order and will complete the last entries of June 1998 as time permits.

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Orders In Council - November 25, 2020

Post-secondary Learning Act; Athabasca University Regulation November 25, 2020 362/2020
Forests Act November 25, 2020 359/2020
Child, Youth and Family Enhancement (Adoption Advertising) Amendment Act, 2017 - Proclamation November 25, 2020 365/2020
Fisheries (Alberta) Act November 25, 2020 363/2020
Government Organization Act November 25, 2020 364/2020
Corrections (Alberta Parole Board) Amendment Act, 2020 - Proclamation November 25, 2020 360/2020
Corrections Act November 25, 2020 361/2020
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Act (Canada) November 25, 2020 358/2020
Municipal Government Act November 25, 2020 356/2020
Municipal Government Act November 25, 2020 357/2020
Various Acts November 25, 2020 366/2020