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(Consolidated up to 67/2015)


Alberta Land Stewardship Act


Table of Contents

                1      Definitions

                2      Notice

                3      Boundary designation

                4      Statutory declaration

                5      Repeal

                6      Expiry



1   In this Regulation,

                               (a)    “Act” means the Alberta Land Stewardship Act;

                              (b)    “agreement” means an agreement made in accordance with section 29 of the Act;

                               (c)    “conservation easement” means a conservation easement as defined in section 2(d) of the Act;

                              (d)    “Government agency” means

                                        (i)    a corporation that is an agent of the Government, or

                                      (ii)    a corporation, commission, board or other body whose members are appointed by an Act of the Legislature, the Lieutenant Governor in Council or a Minister of the Government, or any combination of them;

                               (e)    “grantee” means a grantee as defined in section 28(a) of the Act;

                               (f)    “grantor” means a grantor as defined in section 28(b) of the Act;

                               (g)    “notice” means the notice referred to in section 33(2) of the Act;

                              (h)    “qualified organization” means a qualified organization as defined in section 28(c) of the Act;

                               (i)    “Registrar” means the Registrar of Titles under the Land Titles Act or the Registrar of the Metis Settlements Land Registry under the Metis Settlements Act, as the case may be;

                               (j)    “registration” means registration of an agreement in accordance with section 33 of the Act.


2(1)  Subject to subsection (2), the notice must be in the form set out in Form 1 in the Schedule and must be given to the person entitled to receive it under section 33(2) of the Act by registered mail, courier or personal delivery at least 60 days before the presentation of the agreement to the Registrar for registration.

(2)  Where the grantee or grantor of a conservation easement is a person referred to in section 33(2)(a) of the Act, that person is deemed to have been given notice in respect of the conservation easement as required under section 33(2) of the Act.

(3)  The notice period prescribed in subsection (1) may be shortened with the written consent of the person entitled to receive the notice under section 33(2) of the Act.

Boundary designation

3   The boundaries of the conservation easement must be described to the satisfaction of the Registrar.

Statutory declaration

4   A statutory declaration in the form set out in Form 2 in the Schedule must accompany an agreement for registration under section 33 of the Act.


5   The Conservation Easement Registration Regulation (AR 215/96) is repealed.


6   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on April 30, 2020.

AR 129/2010 s6;67/2015


Form 1

Notice Prior to Registration

Notice to            (Minister of Municipal Affairs/Special Areas Board/Council of a municipality or Metis settlement/Minister of Infrastructure/Minister of Transportation)  

This Notice is to advise you that:

                                1.    We, (qualified organization, name, address, phone number), intend to register an agreement under section 33 of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act creating a conservation easement, not sooner than 60 days after the date you receive this notice.

                                2.    The conservation easement will affect the land described as (legal description or municipal address, if applicable) containing (number of acres or hectares) located in (improvement district, special area or municipality).

                                3.    The name and phone number of the registered owner of the affected land are:


                                4.    The purpose of the conservation easement is to:


                                5.    A summary of the terms of the agreement creating the conservation easement relating to the use of the land includes:


                                       Dated this                 day of                , 20    .



                                                          Signatory’s name and position

                                                          with the qualified organization

Form 2

Declaration by Grantee

CANADA               )         IN THE MATTER of the registration of

PROVINCE OF      )         an agreement pursuant to section 33 of

ALBERTA:            )         the Alberta Land Stewardship Act

                                 )         (the agreement) affecting the land
                                           described as (legal description)
land) containing
                                           (number of acres or hectares) located in
                                           (improvement district, special area or

I,                           , officer of (qualified organization) of (full address including street, municipality and country),


                                1.    (qualified organization) of (mailing address of qualified organization) is

                                       (a)    a local government body as defined in the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, the Government or a Government Agency, or

                                       (b)    a body corporate that

                                                (i)    has as one of its objects the acquisition and holding of interests in land for purposes that are substantially the same as any of the purposes listed in clause 2,

                                               (ii)    has in its constating instrument a requirement that, on or in contemplation of the winding‑up of the body corporate, all conservation easements that the body corporate holds are to be transferred to another qualified organization, and

                                             (iii)    is a registered charity within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

                                2.    The conservation easement to be registered by way of the agreement in respect of all or part of the land is for one or more of the following purposes:

                                       (a)    the protection, conservation and enhancement of the environment;

                                       (b)    the protection, conservation and enhancement of natural scenic or aesthetic values;

                                       (c)    the protection, conservation and enhancement of agricultural land or land for agricultural purposes;

                                       (d)    providing for any or all of the following uses of the land that are consistent with the purposes set out in clause (a), (b) or (c):

                                                (i)    recreational use;

                                               (ii)    open space use;

                                             (iii)    environmental education use;

                                              (iv)    use for research and scientific studies of natural ecosystems.

                                3.    Notice referred to in section 33(2) of the Act has been given to the persons entitled to receive the notice in accordance with the Conservation Easement Registration Regulation.

AND I MAKE THIS SOLEMN DECLARATION conscientiously, believing it to be true, and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.

DECLARED before me      )

        (print name)                 )

at the              of                    )

in the Province of                )                                (Signature)            

this              day of            ,  )

20       .                                   )


A Commissioner for Oaths                                                                   Signatory’s name and position
                                                          with the qualified organization