Occupational Health and Safety Code

Updated to June 1, 2018

The Occupational Health and Safety Code sets out the minimum technical requirements for health and safety in Alberta’s workplaces. View the Occupational Health and Safety Code below or you can purchase copies of the Code in the following formats:

Download Occupational Health and Safety Code

OHS On-line subscription – provides advanced searchable access to all OHS related legislation – accessible on internet connected computers or mobile devices.

OHS Code Handbook – convenient reference tool in a portable coil bound 6 X 9” format. (Print versions available for distribution mid June)

OHS Code Binder – For OHS Professionals who prefer binder format for office use – can be easily updated as the Code and OHS materials change. (Print version of the OHS Code Binder sets available mid to late June and Code Binder updates available late June)

See order form for more details about the OHS Code Products. (under development – will be posted once completed)

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  Occupational Health and Safety Code