Ministerial Orders

A Ministerial Order is an order created under the authority granted to a Minister under a statute or regulation. Generally, decisions of government that typically do not have as wide an impact as decisions made by Orders in Council, but are significant decisions of government, are executed through Ministerial Orders. Ministerial Orders are made for a variety of purposes, including program delivery, creating committees, appointing committee members, setting rates and fees, designating positions and vesting Ministerial authority in others. Ministerial Orders can also make regulations.

Alberta Queen's Printer is currently publishing Ministerial Orders for the following Ministries:

  • Advanced Education
  • Labour
  • Municipal Affairs

Ministerial Orders


  • Interim targets established (February 13, 2019) -- 141/2019 .PDF


  • Delegation re OHS Designations (January 14, 2019) -- 5/2019 .HTML .PDF
  • Establish OHS Training and Curriculum (January 14, 2019) -- 6/2019 .HTML .PDF

Municipal Affairs

  • Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board (January 09, 2019) -- MAG:003/19 .HTML .PDF
  • Edmonton Assessment Review Board (January 09, 2019) -- MAG:004/19 .HTML .PDF
  • Edmonton Assessment Review Board (January 09, 2019) -- MAG:005/19 .HTML .PDF
  • Edmonton Assessment Review Board (January 09, 2019) -- MAG:006/19 .HTML .PDF
  • Appointment of Jeff Nixon to carry out the duties of a Chief Administrative Officer (January 10, 2019) -- MSL:002/19 .HTML .PDF
  • Amendment of Schedule A attached to Ministerial Order No. MSL:056/18 (January 16, 2019) -- MSL003/19 .HTML .PDF

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