O.C. 189/2015

A.R. 132/2015

August 21, 2015

            The Lieutenant Governor in Council makes the Public Post-secondary Institutions’ Tuition Fees (2015) Amendment Regulation set out in the attached Appendix.


For Information only

Recommended by:          Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education

Authority:                           Post-secondary Learning Act
                                             (section 124)



Post‑secondary Learning Act


1   The Public Post‑secondary Institutions’ Tuition Fees Regulation (AR 273/2006) is amended by this Regulation.


2   Section 4 is expressly repealed.


3   Section 5(1) is amended by striking out “commencing with the 2008‑2009 academic year, a” and substituting “the”.


4   Sections 8 and 9 are expressly repealed.


5   The following is added before section 10:

Transitional — prohibition against raises for 2015‑2016 and
2016‑2017 academic years

8.1(1)  The tuition fees for any program administered by an institution either for the 2015‑2016 or the 2016‑2017 academic year may not be higher than those that were in effect for that program in the 2014‑2015 academic year.

(2)  Section 5 does not apply with respect to the academic years for which tuition fees are affected by subsection (1).


6   Section 10 is amended by striking out “August 31, 2016” and substituting “August 31, 2018”.