O.C. 167/2014

A.R. 70/2014

April 23, 2014

            The Lieutenant Governor in Council makes the Rebate Authorization Amendment Regulation set out in the attached Appendix.

For Information only

Recommended by:          Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Authority:                           Heating Oil and Propane Rebate Act
                                             (section 6)



Heating Oil and Propane Rebate Act


1   The Rebate Authorization Regulation (AR 10/2009) is amended by this Regulation.


2   Section 1 is repealed and the following is substituted:


1   In this Regulation, “purchase” means the purchase of heating oil or propane

                               (a)    for residential heating purposes for a principal residence in Alberta, or

                              (b)    for commercial or industrial heating purposes in Alberta.


3   Section 2(a) is amended by striking out “April 1, 2014” and substituting “April 1, 2019”.


4   Section 5 is amended by striking out “April 1, 2015” and substituting “April 1, 2020”.