O.C. 437/2009

September 14, 2009

            The Lieutenant Governor in Council amends Order in Council numbered O.C. 607/2006, being the Order in Council that designates Rock Lake-Solomon Creek Wildland Provincial Park, in the Schedule of Lands

1          by striking out items (1) and (2) following the heading “SAVING AND EXCEPTING:” and substituting

            (1)        One thousand six hundred sixty-one and nine hundred fifteen thousandths (1661.915) hectares (4106.68 acres), more or less, comprising Rock Lake Provincial Park.

2          by striking out the final paragraph and substituting

The lands herein described contain thirty-three thousand one hundred fifty-three and one hundred eighty-eight thousandths (33,153.188) hectares (81, 923.31 acres) more or less.

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Recommended by:            Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Authority:                             Provincial Parks Act
                                                (section 6)