O.C. 395/2007

September 12, 2007

            The Lieutenant Governor in Council, effective September 16, 2007,

            (a)        dissolves the Village of Sangudo,


            (b)        directs that the land in the Village of Sangudo becomes part of Lac Ste. Anne County, and

            (c)        makes the Order in the attached Appendix.



For Information only

Recommended by:            Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Authority:                             Municipal Government Act
                                                (sections 133 and 134)



1        In this Appendix,

            (a)   “former area of Sangudo” means the land in Sangudo before dissolution;

            (b)   “receiving municipality” means Lac Ste. Anne County;

            (c)   “Sangudo” means the Village of Sangudo.

2        The former area of Sangudo is part of electoral division 4 of the receiving municipality until the receiving municipality passes a bylaw pursuant to section 148 of the Municipal Government Act that provides otherwise.

3        All liabilities of Sangudo, whether arising under debenture or otherwise, and all assets, rights, duties, functions and obligations of Sangudo are vested in the receiving municipality and may be dealt with in the name of the receiving municipality.

4        Bylaws and resolutions of Sangudo continue to apply in the former area of Sangudo until the bylaws or resolutions are repealed, amended or replaced by the council of the receiving municipality.

5        If the liabilities of Sangudo exceed the assets of Sangudo, the receiving municipality may impose an additional tax under Part 10 of the Municipal Government Act on property, including linear property as defined in section 284(1)(k) of the Municipal Government Act, located in the former area of Sangudo to pay for those excess liabilities.

6        A reference to Sangudo in any order, regulation, bylaw, certificate of title, agreement or any other instrument is deemed to be a reference to the receiving municipality.

7(1)   The receiving municipality must deposit in a reserve fund established by the receiving municipality:

            (a)  money received from Sangudo on its dissolution, and

            (b)  money received from the sale of any of the assets of Sangudo vested in the receiving municipality under section 3 that the receiving municipality sells before December 31, 2012.

(2)     Money in the reserve fund may only be used

            (a)   to pay or reduce a liability vested in the receiving municipality on the dissolution of Sangudo, or

            (b)   for projects in the former area of Sangudo.

8(1)   The employees of Sangudo at its dissolution are deemed to be employees of the receiving municipality.

(2)     All associated liabilities related to the employees referred to in subsection (1) are transferred to the receiving municipality, including accrued vacation entitlement, overtime, sick leave benefits and pension benefits.

(3)     The years of service accrued by the employees of Sangudo continue and form part of the years of service that those employees accrue as employees of the receiving municipality.

9        The Minister may decide any other matter relating to the rights, obligations, liabilities, assets or any other thing in respect of Sangudo resulting from the dissolution of Sangudo.