O.C. 465/2017

December 21, 2017

            The Lieutenant Governor in Council

1          authorizes the President of Treasury Board, Minister of Finance, on behalf of the Crown, to raise money up to the amount set out in this order by the issue and sale from time to time of notes, bonds, debentures or interest-bearing or non-interest-bearing treasury bills issued by the Crown or any other securities under which the Crown is the debtor (collectively referred to hereafter as “Government securities”);


2          orders that the maximum aggregate amount of Government securities that may be outstanding under this order at any time shall not exceed $37 000 000 000 in Canadian dollars or its equivalent in other currencies;


3          orders that the Government securities issued under this order shall include such terms and conditions as are approved from time to time by the President of Treasury Board, Minister of Finance.

For Information only

Recommended by:          President of Treasury Board, Minister of Finance

Authority:                           Financial Administration Act
                                             (section 56)