O.C. 304/2017

October 4, 2017

            The Lieutenant Governor in Council

1          appoints Monica Norminton and Jack Royal as members of the board of directors of the Alberta Energy Regulator, each for a further term to expire on October 3, 2022;


2          sets the remuneration payable to Monica Norminton and Jack Royal as follows, subject to review:


            (a)       a retainer in the amount of $76 500 per year during the member’s term of appointment payable in equal, prorated monthly instalments;


            (b)       subject to clause (c), in addition to the retainer referred to in clause (a), $750 for each day during which the member participates in meetings of or performs activities in their capacity as a member of the board of directors of the Alberta Energy Regulator;


            (c)       the maximum amount that may be paid to a member under clause (b) in a calendar month is $3000 per month;


4          amends Order in Council numbered O.C. 254/2016 in the Appendix


            (a)       by striking out section 1;


            (b)       in section 2 by striking out “, Monica Norminton, Stan Boutin and Jack Royal”;

5          rescinds Orders in Council numbered O.C. 174/2013 and
O.C. 212/2015.

            For Information only

Recommended by:          Minister of Energy

Authority:                           Responsible Energy Development Act
                                             (section 5)