O.C. 362/2002

A.R. 166/2002

July 23, 2002


    A P P E N D I X

    Government Organization Act



1   The Community Development Grants Regulation (AR 57/98) is amended by this Regulation.

2   Schedule 3 is repealed and the following is substituted:



1   The Minister may make grants under this Schedule to enhance and enrich project-based community initiatives in community services, parks, libraries, education, children's services, the environment, recreation and sport, arts and culture, health, social services or seniors' services.

2(1)  An application for a grant under this Schedule must be submitted to the Minister and be in a form specified by the Minister.

(2)  In addition to meeting the requirements of section 5 of this Regulation, an applicant must also provide any additional information required by the Minister.

3   The Minister may, after receiving an application, make a grant under this Schedule to the applicant in an amount and on any conditions that the Minister considers appropriate or may refuse the application.

4   An applicant is not eligible for more than one grant under this Schedule in respect of the same project in the same fiscal year.

5(1)  A grant under this Schedule may be held unspent by the recipient of the grant for a period of not more than 2 years from the date of issuance of the grant payment, unless otherwise agreed to by the Minister.

(2)  A grant under this Schedule is to be accounted for separately in the recipient's books and accounts and in the recipient's statement of revenues and expenditures.

(3)  Any interest that accrues to a grant under this Schedule is to be treated as part of the grant and must be used for the same purpose by the grant recipient.