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The Alberta Gazette
Part I
Vol. 114	Edmonton, Thursday, February 15, 2018	No. 03
Alphabetical Table of Contents
This is a cumulative Table of Contents for 2018.  Please refer to the page key at the end of 
this pamphlet.
Notice of Certificate of Intent to Dissolve	16, 81
Public Sale of Land (Municipal Government Act)	16, 57, 81
Justice of the Peace Act
Appointment of Non-Presiding Justice of the Peace	65
Court of Queen's Bench Act
Appointment of Full-time Master in Chambers	65
Provincial Court Act
Appointment of Provincial Court Judge	1
Appointment of Supernumerary Provincial Court Judge	66
Reappointment of Full-time Provincial Court Judge	1
Reappointment of Part-time Provincial Court Judge	25
Changes of Name
Justice of the Peace Act
Change of Name of Non-Presiding Justice of the Peace	66
Resignations & Retirements
Justice of the Peace Act
Resignation of Part-time Justice of the Peace	25
Provincial Court Act
Retirement of Provincial Court Judge	25
Justice of the Peace Act
Termination of Non-Presiding Justice of the Peace	66
Government Notices
Agriculture and Forestry
Change of Area of an Irrigation District	31, 66
Culture and Tourism
Hosting Expenses	1
Order Designating Provincial Historic Resource	32
Alberta Sport Connection 
Hosting Expenses	2
Declaration of Withdrawal from Unit Agreement	3
Hosting Expenses	67
Production Allocation Unit Agreement	3, 33, 67
Hosting Expenses	49
Indigenous Relations
Hosting Expenses	49
Contract Increases Approved	11, 50
Hosting Expenses	50
Sale or Disposition of Land	50, 79
Justice and Solicitor General
Designation of Qualified Technician Appointment	11, 79
Interest Rate on Public Trustee Guaranteed Accounts	12
Interest Rate on Public Trustee Guaranteed Accounts - Erratum	80
Legislative Assembly
Notice:  Member Elected to Serve in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta	12
Municipal Affairs
Ministerial Order	12
Notice of the Mailing of the 2017 Assessment Year 2018 Tax Year	80
Safety Codes Council
Agency Accreditation - Cancellation	51
Corporate Accreditation	13, 51
Corporate Accreditation - Cancellation	81
Joint Municipal Accreditation	51
Municipal Accreditation	53
Service Alberta
Notice of Intent to Cancel Foreign Registration	13
Status of Women
Hosting Expenses	56
Treasury Board and Finance
Insurance Notice	56
Notice of Adjustment to the Minor Injury Amount	14
Orders in Council
Municipal Government Act
Annexation of Land	26
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