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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 113	Edmonton, Friday, June 30, 2017	No. 12
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 101/2017 to 118/2017
Agricultural Operation Practices Act
Agricultural Operation Practices Act Administrative  
Procedures Regulation	106/2017
Agricultural Operations, Part 2 Matters Amendment Regulation	108/2017
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Ironworker Trade Amendment Regulation	107/2017
Business Corporations Act
Business Corporations (Expiry Date Extension) Amendment Regulation	115/2017
Corrections Act
Fine Option Amendment Regulation	110/2017
Family and Community Support Services Act
Family and Community Support Services Amendment Regulation	104/2017
Family Law Act
Child Support Recalculation Program Amendment Regulation	111/2017
Insurance Act
Transitional (Insurance Amendment Act, 2008 - Part 5)  
Amendment Regulation	103/2017
Livestock Identification and Commerce Act
Livestock Identification and Commerce Delegation  
Amendment Regulation	116/2017
Livestock Identification and Commerce General  
Amendment Regulation	117/2017
Maintenance Enforcement Act
Maintenance Enforcement Amendment Regulation	112/2017
Oil and Gas Conservation Act
Orphan Fund Delegated Administration Amendment Regulation	105/2017
Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act
Public Sector Compensation Transparency Dissolved Public  
Sector Bodies Regulation	113/2017
Public Sector Compensation Transparency General  
Amendment Regulation	114/2017
School Act
School Fees and Costs Regulation	101/2017
School Transportation Regulation	102/2017
Stray Animals Act
Stray Animals Amendment Regulation	109/2017
Stray Animals Delegation Amendment Regulation	118/2017