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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 112	Edmonton, Friday, July 15, 2016	No. 13
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 85/2016 to 109/2016
Agricultural Services Board Act
Forms Amendment Regulation	89/2016
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Landscape Gardener Trade Amendment Regulation	95/2016
Structural Steel and Plate Fitter Trade Amendment Regulation	96/2016
Drug-endangered Children Act
Drug-endangered Children Amendment Regulation	87/2016
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Conservation and Reclamation (Expiry Date Extension)  
Amendment Regulation	103/2016
Environment and Parks Regulations (Expiry Date Extension)  
Amendment Regulation	104/2016
Pesticide (Ministerial) (Expiry Date Extension) Amendment Regulation	108/2016
Pesticide Sales, Handling, Use and Application (Expiry Date Extension)  
Amendment Regulation	105/2016
Remediation Certificate (Expiry Date Extension) Amendment Regulation	102/2016
Fair Trading Act
Payday Loans (Expiry Date Extension) Amendment Regulation	92/2016
Income and Employment Supports Act
Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Amendment Regulation	88/2016
Judicature Act
Alberta Rules of Court (Miscellaneous) Amendment Regulation	85/2016
Municipal Government Act
Business Improvement Area Regulation	93/2016
Edmonton International Airport Vicinity Protection Area  
(Expiry Date Extension) Amendment Regulation	86/2016
Supernet Assessment Regulation	91/2016
Wood Buffalo Utilities Corporation Regulation	94/2016
New Home Buyer Protection Act
New Home Buyer Protection (General) Amendment Regulation	97/2016
New Home Buyer Protection (Ministerial) Amendment Regulation	101/2016
New Home Buyer Protection (Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo)  
Regulation	98/2016
Pharmacy and Drug Act
Scheduled Drugs Amendment Regulation	109/2016
Safety Codes Act
Permit Amendment Regulation	99/2016

Seniors' Home Adaptation and Repair Act
Seniors' Home Adaptation and Repair Regulation	107/2016
Teachers' Pension Plans Act
Teachers' and Private School Teachers' Pension Plans (Contribution Rates 2016) 
Amendment Regulation	90/2016
Traffic Safety Act
Transportation Network Companies Regulation	100/2016
Wildlife Act
Wildlife (Expiry Date Extension) Amendment Regulation	106/2016