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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 110	Edmonton, Tuesday, July 15, 2014	No. 13
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 113/2014 to 136/2014
Alberta Housing Act
Social Housing Accommodation Amendment Regulation	126/2014
Animal Health Act
Animal Health (General) Regulation	130/2014
Authorized Medicine Sales Regulation	131/2014
Disposal of Dead Animals Regulation	132/2014
Livestock Market Regulation	133/2014
Reportable and Notifiable Diseases Regulation	129/2014
Swine Traceability Regulation	134/2014
Traceability Cattle Identification Amendment Regulation	135/2014
Traceability Premises Identification Amendment Regulation	136/2014
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Baker Trade Amendment Regulation	128/2014
Electrician Trade Amendment Regulation	122/2014
Tilesetter Trade Amendment Regulation	127/2014
Trades (Extension of Expiry Date) Amendment Regulation	123/2014
Health Professions Act
Disclosure of Information (Extension of Expiry Date) Amendment Regulation	120/2014
Income and Employment Supports Act
Support Agreement Amendment Regulation	121/2014
Insurance Act
Automobile Insurance Premiums Regulation	117/2014
Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulation	116/2014
Justice of the Peace Act
Justice of the Peace Amendment Regulation	113/2014
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Elk Commission (Extension of Expiry Date) Amendment Regulation	125/2014
Mines and Minerals Act
Natural Gas Royalty, 2009 Amendment Regulation	118/2014
Municipal Government Act
Subdivision and Development Amendment Regulation	119/2014
Police Act
Police Service Amendment Regulation	114/2014
Public Health Act
Regulated Matter Amendment Regulation	115/2014
Wildlife Act
Wildlife (Trumpeter Swan) Amendment Regulation	124/2014