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The Alberta Gazette
Part I
Vol. 110	Edmonton, Monday, March 31, 2014	No. 06
PROVINCE OF ALBERTA	Donald S. Ethell, Lieutenant Governor.
ELIZABETH THE SECOND, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom, 
Canada, and Her Other Realms and Territories, QUEEN, Head of the 
Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith
To all to Whom these Presents shall come
Kim Armstrong Deputy Attorney General
WHEREAS section 2(3) of the Statutes Amendment Act, 2013 (No. 2) provides that 
section 2 of that Act comes into force on Proclamation; and
WHEREAS it is expedient to proclaim section 2 of the Statutes Amendment Act, 
2013 (No. 2) in force:
NOW KNOW YE THAT by and with the advice and consent of Our Executive 
Council of Our Province of Alberta, by virtue of the provisions of the said Act 
hereinbefore referred to and of all other power and authority whatsoever in Us vested 
in that behalf, We have ordered and declared and do hereby proclaim section 2 of the 
Statutes Amendment Act, 2013 (No. 2) in force on April 1, 2014.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent 
and the Great Seal of Our Province of Alberta to be hereunto affixed.
ETHELL, Lieutenant Governor of Our Province of Alberta, this 12th day of March in 
the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Fourteen and in the Sixty-third Year of Our 
BY COMMAND	Jonathan Denis, Provincial Secretary.

Appointment of Non-Presiding Justice of the Peace
(Justice of the Peace Act)
March 3, 2014 
Huff, Debra Gay of Edmonton 
Lukay, Laura Nicole of St. Albert 
Stackaruk, Carlea Ann of Edmonton 
Wray, Erica Katherine of Calgary
Appointment of Supernumerary Provincial Court Judge
(Provincial Court Act)
March 18, 2014 
Honourable Judge David Joseph Plosz
For a term to expire on March 17, 2016.
April 26, 2014 
Honourable Judge Paul Gordon Sully
For a term to expire on April 25, 2016.
Reappointment of Provincial Court Judge
(Provincial Court Act)
March 22, 2014 
Honourable Judge Peter Tillmann Johnston
For a term to expire on March 21, 2015.
Reappointment of Supernumerary Provincial Court Judge
(Provincial Court Act)
March 9, 2014 
Honourable Judge Harold Ralph Chisholm
For a term to expire on March 8, 2016.

Retirement of Provincial Court Judge
(Provincial Court Act)
March 10, 2014 
Honourable Judge Ian Fraser Kirkpatrick
Terminations of Non-Presiding Justices of the Peace
(Justice of the Peace Act)
March 3, 2014 
McCutcheon, Kathryn Mary of Calgary 
Nagle, Lorraine Patricia of St. Paul 
Roach, Heather Leanne of Calgary 
Ternovoy, Mary Philomena of Edmonton 
Terry, Alberta Liliane Silva of St. Albert
Ministerial Order
(Historical Resources Act)
MO 19/13
I, Heather Klimchuk, Minister of Culture, pursuant to Section 20(15) of the Historical 
Resources Act, R.S.A. 2000 C. H-9, HEREBY RESCIND that portion of the Currie 
Barracks Provincial Historic Resource designation in Ministerial Order Des. 2025 
dated June 9, 1999 and signed by Minister Stan Woloshyn, registered as instrument 
991183719 on June 30, 1999, as to all those lands lying within plan of subdivision 
1312559, including those lands described as Plan 1312559 block 1 lots 4 and 5, plan 
1312559 block 12 lots 1 to 10 inclusive, and plan 1312559 block 13 lots 1 to 18 
Dated at Edmonton, Alberta, this 4th day of December, 2013.
Heather Klimchuk, Minister

MO 01/14
I, Heather Klimchuk, Minister of Culture, pursuant to Section 19(8) of the Historical 
Resources Act, HEREBY MAKE THE ORDER rescinding in its entirety the 
Ministerial Order dated September 3, 2003, and signed by the Honourable Gene 
Zwozdesky, then Minister of Alberta Community Development, designating the Van 
Haarlem Hospital as a Registered Historic Resource and registered in the Alberta 
Land Titles office as instrument 031 315 678, effective as of the date set out below.
Dated at Edmonton, Alberta, this 6th day of February, 2014.
Heather Klimchuk, Minister
Notice of Intent to Designate a Provincial Historic Resource
(Historical Resources Act)
File: Des. 2311
Notice is hereby given that sixty days from the date of service of this Notice and its 
publication in Alberta Gazette, the Minister of Culture intends to make an Order that 
the site known as the: 
Barron Building, situated on land legally described as:
Plan A1 
Block 48 
Lots 21-28 Inclusive 
Excepting Thereout All Mines and Minerals
and municipally located in Calgary, Alberta be designated as a Provincial Historic 
Resource under section 20 of the Historical Resources Act, RSA 2000 cH-9.
The reasons for the designation are as follows: The Barron Building has heritage 
significance as an excellent example of early high rise architecture in Alberta and for 
its incorporation of both Moderne and early International styles. It is also significant 
for its role in solidifying Calgary as the de facto headquarters of Alberta's oil 
The Barron Building was built from 1949 to 1951 by Calgary lawyer, real estate 
developer and cinema house magnate Jacob Bell Barron. Originally, Barron intended 
to expand his network of cinemas by building an entertainment centre with a dance 
hall, bowling alley, restaurant and a luxurious cinema. However, following the 
discovery of oil at Leduc in February 1947, Barron foresaw a need for additional and 
more modern office space in Calgary, resulting in the planned entertainment centre 
becoming a large office building with a cinema.

Architect Jack Cawston, of the Calgary-based firm Cawston & Stevenson was 
commissioned to design the building. Cawston's design for the Barron Building 
appears to be a fusion of the established Art Deco and Moderne styles and the newer 
International style. The Moderne style grew from the Art Deco movement and 
emphasizes strength, order and efficiency, while exuding a sense of restrained 
luxuriousness and technological prowess. Over the 1920s and 1930s skyscrapers of 
this style had become iconic symbols of technologically progressive and prosperous 
cities. Likely seeking to borrow this imagery, Cawston integrated many Art Deco and 
Moderne elements into his design. These styles are evident throughout the building, 
particularly through its high degree of symmetry; its tapered appearance, caused by 
the stepped backed or terraced construction of the upper floors; and the polished black 
granite cladding at street level. The Art Deco and Moderne styles are most evident in 
the central tower through its stark, nearly monochromatic appearance; the use of 
Tyndall limestone on the second and third stories; and its strong vertical orientation, 
which is communicated by four vertical bands of windows and the tall, narrow, 
aluminum-clad pilasters. Other details of the central tower, such as the low relief 
carvings at the base, the curved, stylized aluminum panels at the top and the 
geometrical highlights adorning the elevator house, clearly solidify its Art Deco and 
Moderne pedigree.
The east and west wings of the Barron Building are more in line with the International 
style, which had become popular in the post-war period. This style emphasized 
economy and function through extreme simplicity and rigid adherence to vertical and 
horizontal lines. These elements of the style are strongly evident in the Barron 
Building's east and west wings, which are characterised by the lack of ornamentation 
and the horizontal banding of alternating buff-coloured brick and ribbon windows. 
The International style reached the height of its popularity in the decades between the 
1960s and 1980s and became a symbol of corporate power. The downtown core of 
many Canadian cities, particularly Calgary and Edmonton, still demonstrate the 
influence of the style. The Barron Building's fusion of the older, iconic Art Deco and 
Moderne styles with the more contemporary International style is an interesting 
combination and likely communicates the desire of both the developer and architect to 
promote the economic strength, stability and rising importance of both the Barron 
Building and the city of Calgary.
Barron's original desire was to build a new cinema to expand his network of movie 
houses in Calgary. Although the project was transformed from being an entertainment 
centre into an office building, a cinema was an integral part of the building. This is 
demonstrated today by the marquee as a structural extension of the concrete floor 
plate over the adjacent sidewalk. As Barron had foreseen, office space was 
desperately needed by the burgeoning oil industry in Alberta. By the early 1950s, the 
office space within the building was quickly leased by a number of companies related 
to the oil sector, notably Haliburton, Sun Oil, Mobil, Shell and Trans-Canada 
Pipelines. The success of the Barron Building in drawing these companies to Calgary 
inspired the construction of more and larger office buildings, confirming the city's 
position as the epicentre of Alberta's oil sector.
It is therefore considered that the preservation and protection of the resource is in the 
public interest.
Dated this 11th day of March, A.D. 2014.
David Link, Assistant Deputy Minister 
Heritage Division
Hosting Expenses Exceeding $600.00 
For the quarter ending December, 2013
Function: China-Alberta Petroleum Centre (CAPC) 
Purpose: To discuss the future of CAPC and potential joint initiatives aiming to 
expand the existing training and government relationship building focus to include 
more targeted commercial business development activities that meet industry 
Amount: $866.78 
Date: October 18, 2013 
Location: Korea, China, Japan
Function: Risk Management Design Thinking Workshop  
Purpose: To build a common risk management approach to explore possibilities and 
increase flexibility in the regulatory system while maintaining integrity, and 
following the recommendations from Enhancing Assurance.   
Amount: $2,565.00 
Date: October 23-25, 2013 
Location: Edmonton
Function: Three Five Ten 
Purpose: Assessing technical, operational, financial, and social trends in industry. 
Amount: $669.30 
Date: November 08, 2013 
Location: Calgary
Function: Fusion Forum hosted by Alberta Council of Technologies 
Purpose: To demonstrate the breadth, depth, diversity and advanced status of 
international fusion development and related technologies, and identify measures for 
advancing fusion research and commercial opportunities for Alberta. 
Amount: $2,032.45 
Date: November 25, 2013 
Location: Edmonton

Function: Canadian Crude Quality Association (CCQTA) 
Purpose: To provide cutting edge information on crude characteristics such as 
corrosiveness in different environments, refinery fouling characteristics etc. This 
information is used in the valuation intelligence for Alberta crude oil, the review of 
various ADOE policies and programs such as bitumen valuation. 
Amount: $610.32 
Date: December 10-12, 2013 
Location: Calgary
Function: Market Participant Choice Working Group Meeting 
Purpose: To inform stakeholders of Transmission Connection policy proposals and 
receive a final feedback on changes that may affect their business. 
Amount: $862.59 
Date: December 17, 2013 
Location: Calgary
Production Allocation Unit Agreement
(Mines and Minerals Act)
Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 102 of the Mines and Minerals Act, that 
the Minister of Energy on behalf of the Crown has executed counterparts of the 
agreement entitled "Production Allocation Unit Agreement - Bantry Glauconitic 
Agreement No. 2" and that the Unit became effective on January 1, 2014.




Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Notice of Variation Order 32-2013
Commercial Fishing Seasons
The close times and quotas set out in Schedule 8 to the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 
1998 in respect of the waters listed in the Schedule to this Notice have been varied by 
Variation Order 32-2013 by the Director of Fisheries Management in accordance with 
section 3 of the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 1998.
Where fishing with gill nets is permitted during an open season established by the 
Order, the gill net mesh size has been specified in the Order.
Pursuant to Variation Order 32-2013 commercial fishing is permitted in accordance 
with the following schedule.
Item - 1 
Column 1 Waters - In respect of:  (80) Orloff Lake (73-23-W4) 
Column 2 Gear - Gill net not less than 140 mm mesh 
Column 3 Open Time - 08:00 hours March 24, 2014 to 16:00 hours March 27, 2014.
Column 4 Species and Quota - 1) Lake whitefish: 9,500 kg; 2) Walleye: 450 kg; 3) 
Yellow perch: 1 kg; 4) Northern pike: 1,150 kg; 5) Tullibee: 15,850 kg; 6) Lake trout: 
1 kg.
Notice of Variation Order 33-2013
Commercial Fishing Seasons
The close times and quotas set out in Schedule 8 to the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 
1998 in respect of the waters listed in the Schedule to this Notice have been varied by 
Variation Order 33-2013 by the Director of Fisheries Management in accordance with 
section 3 of the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 1998.
Where fishing with gill nets is permitted during an open season established by the 
Order, the gill net mesh size has been specified in the Order.
Pursuant to Variation Order 33-2013 commercial fishing is permitted in accordance 
with the following schedule.

Item - 1 
Column 1 Waters - In respect of:  (12) Burnt Lake No. 2 (23,27-95-23-W4) 
Column 2 Gear - Gill net not less than 152 mm mesh 
Column 3 Open Time - 08:00 hours March 17, 2014 to 16:00 hours March 21, 2014.
Column 4 Species and Quota - 1) Lake whitefish: 4,425 kg; 2) Walleye: 1 kg; 3) 
Yellow perch: 1 kg; 4) Northern pike: 500 kg; 5) Tullibee: 1 kg; 6) Lake trout: 1 kg.
Notice of Variation Order 34-2013
Commercial Fishing Seasons
The close times and quotas set out in Schedule 8 to the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 
1998 in respect of the waters listed in the Schedule to this Notice have been varied by 
Variation Order 34-2013 by the Director of Fisheries Management in accordance with 
section 3 of the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 1998.
Where fishing with gill nets is permitted during an open season established by the 
Order, the gill net mesh size has been specified in the Order.
Pursuant to Variation Order 34-2013 commercial fishing is permitted in accordance 
with the following schedule.
Item - 1 
Column 1 Waters - In respect of:  (54.1) Lac Ste. Anne (55-3-W5) -excluding that 
portion southeast of a line drawn from the water tower in Gunn Townsite to the point 
of land in 10-20-54-3-W5 
Column 2 Gear - Gill net not less than 140 mm mesh 
Column 3 Open Time - 08:00 hours March 3, 2013 to 16:00 hours March 19, 2014.
Column 4 Species and Quota - 1) Lake whitefish: 45,000 kg; 2) Walleye: 450 kg; 3) 
Yellow perch: 900 kg; 4) Northern pike: 550 kg; 5) Tullibee: 1 kg; 6) Lake trout: 1 
Notice of Variation Order 35-2013
Commercial Fishing Seasons
The close times and quotas set out in Schedule 8 to the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 
1998 in respect of the waters listed in the Schedule to this Notice have been varied by 
Variation Order 35-2013 by the Director of Fisheries Management in accordance with 
section 3 of the Alberta Fishery Regulations, 1998.
Where fishing with gill nets is permitted during an open season established by the 
Order, the gill net mesh size has been specified in the Order.
Pursuant to Variation Order 35-2013 commercial fishing is permitted in accordance 
with the following schedule.
Item - 1 
Column 1 Waters - In respect of:  (54.1) Lac Ste. Anne (55-3-W5) -excluding that 
portion southeast of a line drawn from the water tower in Gunn Townsite to the point 
of land in 10-20-54-3-W5 
Column 2 Gear - Gill net not less than 140 mm mesh 
Column 3 Open Time - 08:00 hours March 3, 2013 to 16:00 hours March 21, 2014.
Column 4 Species and Quota - 1) Lake whitefish: 45,000 kg; 2) Walleye: 450 kg; 3) 
Yellow perch: 900 kg; 4) Northern pike: 550 kg; 5) Tullibee: 1 kg; 6) Lake trout: 1 
Innovation and Advanced Education
Hosting Expenses Exceeding $600.00 
For the Period July 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013
Function Name: Luncheon with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology 
of Germany 
Date(s): June 4, 2013 
Amount: $819.96 
Purpose: To announce funding of joint Alberta/Germany partnering program 
promoting Alberta internationally as a global strategic partner to attract international 
investment for research and technology commercialization.  Approximately 15 
Location: Berlin, Germany
Function Name: Provincial Territorial (PT) Secretariat Forum of Ministers 
Responsible for Immigration 
Date(s): June 25-26, 2013 
Amount: $9,931.16 
Purpose: Alberta hosted the 2012-2014 Federal-Provincial-Territorial forum of 
ministers responsible for immigration. Approximately 60 attendees. Note the costs are 
shared by the federal, provincial and territorial governments. 
Location: Toronto, Ontario

International and Intergovernmental Relations
Hosting Expenses Exceeding $600.00 
For the period ending December 31, 2013
Date: April 19, 2013 
Purpose: Host information session for University of Alberta Alumni Association in 
Hong Kong, to promote Alberta Week in Hong Kong. 
Amount: $812.79 
Location: Hong Kong, China
Date: May 13-14, 2013 
Purpose: Host industry business executives and delegates from Taiwan's bureau of 
Foreign Trade and the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, focusing on expanding 
existing economic opportunities and expanding Alberta's market access to Taiwan. 
Amount: $1,155.11 
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Date: May 17, 2013 
Purpose: Networking event with all the participants of Alberta Investment Seminar, 
focusing on the Energy and Agriculture sectors. 
Amount: $8,102.66 
Location: Guangzhou, China
Date: July 5, 2013 
Purpose: To celebrate Canada Day at the NEXEN opening baseball game ceremony 
in Korea and promote Alberta agricultural foods and products. 
Amount: $881.98 
Location: Seoul, Korea
Date: July 15, 2013 
Purpose: Host Turkish delegation and Alberta oil and gas industry associations to 
discuss Alberta's role in the responsible development of unconventional oil and gas 
resources and to advance Alberta's business activities in Turkey. 
Amount: $686.90 
Location: Calgary, AB
Date: August 13, 2013 
Purpose: Host a business development working group meeting for Alberta and 
Nevada companies attending Unmanned Systems North America 2013 conference. 
Amount: $651.39 
Location: Washington, DC
Date: August 13, 2013 
Purpose: Co-host networking event with Ukrainian Canadian Congress to celebrate 
the visit of the Governor of Ivano-Frankivsk, Oblast and his delegation during their 
visit to Alberta. 
Amount: $1,268.02 
Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: August 20-22, 2013 
Purpose: Meetings with the Council of State Government Midwest Legislators to 
showcase the importance of the oil sands to U.S. energy security and enhanced 
market access, as well as to clarify issues related to Alberta's regulatory, 
environmental and extraction practices. 
Amount: $1,562.12 
Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: August 25-29, 2013 
Purpose: Meetings with U.S. Congressional staff to provide an overview of Alberta's 
oil sands developments, industry, environmental regulations and opportunities where 
technology is enhancing the environmental and economic attributes of the 
Amount: $1,952.90 
Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: September 4, 2013 
Purpose: Seminar and networking reception with Hokkaido business and government 
representatives to highlight the importance of Alberta-Hokkaido relations and present 
Alberta as a strong economic force. 
Amount: $2,583.83 
Location: Hokkaido, Japan
Date: September 5, 2013 
Purpose: Host roundtable meetings with key Japanese stakeholders to promote 
industrial and trade opportunities in Alberta, receive the group's input, and inform 
them of the current work undertaken by the Asia Advisory Council. 
Amount: $999.11 
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Date: September 6-7, 2013 
Purpose: Meeting with Korea Gas Corporation to discuss their global investment 
strategy and ascertain interest in investing in the Canadian oil and gas sector. 
Amount: $600.94 
Location: Seoul, Korea
Date: September 16, 2013 
Purpose: In-depth market briefing, program overview, priorities exchange, and 
initiatives planning with Canada's Consul General to Shanghai and the Alberta 
Amount: $777.08 
Location: Shanghai, China
Date: September 17, 2013 
Purpose: Host delegation of California State Senators to provide an overview of 
Alberta's oil sands development and environmental regulation. 
Amount: $1,096.65 
Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: September 25, 2013 
Purpose: Host the annual Co-Locator Conference 2013-2014 to share informational 
updates with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development and other 
Amount: $1,309.24 
Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: October 2, 2013 
Purpose: Co-host a networking event with the Canadian Embassy in Kazakhstan for 
Alberta/Canada business delegation attending the Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Exhibition. 
Amount: $1,000.00 
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Date: October 7, 2013 
Purpose: Host the Governor of Montana in an effort to expand trade relations with 
Alberta and to provide an overview of Alberta's oil sands development and 
environmental regulation. 
Amount: $1,304.55 
Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: November 11, 2013 
Purpose: Co-host a networking event with the Ontario government to showcase 
Alberta companies in the Middle East Market and forge stronger relationships with 
the Middle East business community. 
Amount: $2,500.00 
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date: November 19, 2013 
Purpose: Co-host a reception with the Consul General of Japan to celebrate the 
Alberta-Hokkaido Twinning Relationship. 
Amount: $2,277.76 
Location: Calgary, AB
Justice and Solicitor General
Designation of Qualified Technician Appointment  
(Intox EC/IR II)
RCMP, Traffic Services 
Lacroix Duperre, Maxime Joseph Serge
(Date of Designation March 3, 2014)

Municipal Affairs
Hosting Expenses Exceeding $600.00 
For the period July 1 to September 30, 2013
Function: 2013 Municipal Government Board (MGB) member workshop 
Purpose: MGB workshop held with composite assessment review board members. 
Amount: $2,822.25 
Date of Function: May 7-9, 2013 
Location: Edmonton
Function: Calgary Regional Partnership Mediation Working Group Meeting 
Purpose: Meeting hosted by Municipal Affairs for working group and observers. 
Amount: $2,572.20 
Date of Function: June 20, July 4 and 18, 2013 
Location: Calgary
Function: Calgary Regional Partnership Mediation Working Group Meeting 
Purpose: Meeting hosted by Municipal Affairs for working group and observers. 
Amount: $2,761.42 
Date of Function: June 6 and 13, 2013 
Location: Calgary
Function: 2013 AUMA Convention 
Purpose: Advance payment to secure the room to facilitate meetings between 
Municipal Affairs and other stakeholders. 
Amount: $1,680.00 
Date of Function: November 19-22, 2013 
Location: Calgary
Function: EMS Dispatch Consolidation Consultation 
Purpose: Meetings to discuss municipal concerns over the EMS dispatch 
Amount: $2,803.72 
Date of Function: July 3 and 8, 2013 
Location: Grande Prairie and Calgary
Function: Public Safety Division hosting event at the Canadian Regulatory 
Committee for Plumbing 
Purpose: Meetings to discuss policy and technical issues relating to the plumbing 
Amount: $1,326.19 
Date of Function: August 18, 2013 
Location: Edmonton
Function: Office of the Fire Commissioner Fire Exemplary Service Medal 
Purpose: Honour fire personnel who completed at least 20 years in the fire service. 
Amount: $8,019.27 
Date of Function: June 10 and 13, 2013 
Location: Calgary and Edmonton
Function: National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) Symposium 
Purpose: Presentation of the NNELS to key stakeholders for serving print disabled 
library users. 
Amount: $3,360.11 
Date of Function: August 23, 2013 
Location: Edmonton
Safety Codes Council
Corporate Accreditation
(Safety Codes Act)
Pursuant to section 28 of the Safety Codes Act it is hereby ordered that
Bonavista Energy Corporation, Accreditation No. C000244, Order No. 1429
Having satisfied the terms and conditions of the Safety Codes Council is authorized to 
administer the Safety Codes Act including applicable Alberta amendments and 
regulations within the Corporation's industrial facilities for the discipline of 
Consisting of all parts of the Canadian Electrical Code and Code for Electrical 
Installations at Oil & Gas Facilities.
Accredited Date: May 13, 2003	Issued Date: March 17, 2014.
Alberta Securities Commission
(Securities Act)
Made as a rule by the Alberta Securities Commission on March 12, 2014 pursuant to 
sections 223 and 224 of the Securities Act.
1.	Terms defined in National Instrument 14-101 Definitions have the same 
meaning in this Rule.
2.	In this Rule 
"announcement date" is the day that an issuer issues an offering news release; 
"investment dealer" has the same meaning as in section 1.1 of National 
Instrument 31-103 Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing 
Registrant Obligations;
"listed security" means a security of an issuer of a class of equity security listed 
on the TSX Venture Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange, or the Canadian 
Securities Exchange;
"offering material" means a document purporting to describe the business and 
affairs of an issuer that has been prepared primarily for delivery to and review 
by a prospective purchaser so as to assist the prospective purchaser to make an 
investment decision in respect of securities being sold in a distribution under 
this Instrument; 
"offering news release" means a news release issued by an issuer announcing 
its intention to conduct a distribution under section 3 of this Instrument;
"record date" is the date that is at least one day prior to the announcement date;
"warrant" means a purchase warrant issued by an issuer that entitles the holder 
to acquire a listed security or a fraction of a listed security of the same issuer. 
Exemption For Sales to Existing Security Holders
3.	The prospectus requirement does not apply to a distribution by an issuer of a 
security of its own issue to a security holder of the issuer purchasing as 
principal if all of the following applies:
(a)	the issuer is a reporting issuer in at least one jurisdiction of Canada with 
a class of equity securities listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, the 
Toronto Stock Exchange, or the Canadian Securities Exchange;
(b)	the issuer has filed in each jurisdiction of Canada in which it is a 
reporting issuer all periodic and timely disclosure documents that it is 
required to have filed in that jurisdiction as required by all of the 
(i)	applicable securities legislation;
(ii)	an order issued by the regulator or securities regulatory authority; 
(iii)	an undertaking to the regulator or securities regulatory authority;
(c)	the issuer has issued and filed an offering news release describing in 
reasonable detail the proposed distribution, including, without limitation,
(i)	the minimum and maximum number of securities proposed to be 
distributed under this section and the minimum and maximum 
aggregate gross proceeds of the distribution, 
(ii)	the proposed principal uses, including estimated dollar amounts, 
of the gross proceeds of the distribution, assuming both the 
minimum and maximum offering, and
(iii)	a description of how the issuer intends to allocate securities if 
aggregate subscriptions for securities under the proposed 
distribution exceed the maximum number of securities proposed 
to be distributed;
(d)	subject to applicable securities laws, the issuer permits each person or 
company who, as of the record date, held a listed security of the issuer of 
the same class and series as the listed security to be distributed under 
this exemption to subscribe for securities in the distribution;
(e)	the purchaser has represented in writing to the issuer that, on or before 
the record date the purchaser acquired and continues to hold, a listed 
security of the issuer of the same class and series as the listed security to 
be distributed under this section;
(f)	neither the issuer nor any salesperson acting on behalf of the issuer in 
connection with the distribution under this section has any reason to 
reasonably believe that the purchaser's representation, referred to in 
paragraph (e), is untrue;
(g)	unless the purchaser has obtained advice regarding the suitability of the 
investment and, if the person is resident in a jurisdiction of Canada that 
advice is from a person or company registered in the jurisdiction as an 
investment dealer, the aggregate acquisition cost to the purchaser for the 
securities purchased under this section, when combined with the 
acquisition cost to the purchaser of all other securities of the issuer 
distributed under this section in the last 12 months, does not exceed 
4.	The issuer must represent all of the following to the purchaser in the 
subscription agreement: 
(a)	the issuer's "core documents" and "documents", as those terms are 
defined in Part 17.01 of the Act, do not contain a misrepresentation;  
(b)	there is no material fact or material change related to the issuer which 
has not been generally disclosed.
Removal of Exemption 
5.	The exemption in section 3 is not available for the distribution of a security 
other than a listed security or a unit comprised of a listed security and a 
6.	The exemption in section 3 is not available for the distribution of a listed 
security if the class of listed security has been suspended from trading for 
failure to comply with the ongoing requirements of the applicable exchange. 
Offering Material
7.	Other than the subscription agreement, any offering material provided to a 
purchaser in connection with a distribution under section 3, must be filed with 
the securities regulator no later than the day that the offering material was first 
provided to a purchaser.  
Resale Restrictions
8.	The first trade of a security acquired under section 3 is subject to section 2.5 of 
National Instrument 45-102 Resale of Securities.
Report of Exempt Distribution
9.	On or before the 10th day after a distribution under section 3, the issuer must 
file a report of the distribution that complies with Form 45-106F1 Report of 
Exempt Distribution. 
Application of Statutory Secondary Market Civil Liability Provisions to this 
10.	Part 17.01 of the Act applies to a security distributed under section 3.
11.	This Rule comes into force on March 13, 2014.
Service Alberta
Vital Statistics
Notice of Change of Personal Name
(Change of Name Act)
November 1, 2013 
Seybel, Vesta to Seibel, Vesta
November 4, 2013 
Kaya, Begum to Kaya, Michelle 
Gill, Rajinder Kaur to Hans, Rajinder Kaur 
Janzen, Alex to Rios Janzen, Luis Alejandro 
Maqsood, Babar to Choudhary, Babar Maqsood 
Arif, Bushra to Choudhary, Bushra Babar 
Babar, Aiza to Choudhary, Aiza Babar 
Low, Siew Ping to Low, Carrie Siew Ping 
Dyck, Dennis Eric to North, Dennis Eric 
Cook, Diane Elizabeth to Cook, Dyan Elizabeth 
Feraco, Gian-Franco to Feraco, Gianfranco 
O'Neil, Regan Alan to White-O'Neil, Regan Alan 
Gazi, Emanuel Gazi to Adam, Ammanuel Gazi 
Yaneza, Meghann Emma to Lucas-Yaneza, Meghann Emma 
Saddleback, Shelley Rae-Lynne to Johnson, Shelley Rae-Lynne
November 5, 2013 
Akinbiyi, Oluwatowo Akintokunbo to Lockett, Ashley Grace 
Yang, Jevan Wei-Wen to Snyder, Jevan Fred 
Gordon, Dustin Lewis to Hart, Dustin Lewis 
Gordon, Jonah Christapher to Hart, Jonah Christapher 
Ibdah, Jihad to Saeed, Khlil 
Jackson, Ava Meghan to Macfarlane, Ava Alexis 
Morrow, Luke Walter to Oja, Luke Walter 
Xie, Xie to Xie, Emma 
Keomanyla-L‚vˆque, Joshua Anothai to L‚vˆque, Joshua Anothai 
Moch, Jillian Clara Brown to Moch, Jay Leonard Brown 
Gebre, Nahom Abel to Mehare, Nahom Abel 
Brady, Marshall Armand Joshua to Begon, Marshall Armand Joshua Brady 
Connolly, Adam Luke to Reteos, Adam Cristof Luke 
Acain, Kiersten Riley to De Guzman, Kiersten Riley 
Muzzamil, Individual has only one names to Imtiaz, Muzzamil 
Priji, Priskilla Aime to George, Priskilla Priji 
Foisy, Peyton Alexis to Vogel, Peyton Alexis 
Wilson, Jazlynn Willow Danika to Daly, Jazlynn Willow 
Tavares, Noe Francisco Da Costa to Tavares, Noah Francisco Da Costa 
Osman, Mohamed Ahmed to Ismail, Mohamed Ahmed 
Nguyen, Thi Kieu Trang to Nguyen, Trang Thi Kieu 
Antochow, Nicholas Walter Paul to Antson, Nicholas Walter Paul 
Aslateei, Leigh Alexander to Rempel, Leigh Alexander 
Iqbal, Syed Muhammad A to Iqbal, Adeel Syed Muhammad 
Bethell, Jennifer Page to Rimstad, Jennie Paige 
Yuge, Kunikazu to Kawashima, Kunikazu 
Krisher, Samantha Jean to Krisher, Samantha Jean Bennett 
Quilty, William James to Quilty, Holly 
Oystrick-Vinokurov, Ava to Vinokurov, Ava 
Oystrick-Vinokurov, Elle to Vinokurov, Elle 
Abdul-Razak, Haidar to Albayati, Haider Arshed 
Abdul-Razak, Yusef to Albayati, Yusef Haider 
Abdul-Razak, Maya to Albayati, Maya Haider 
Sidra, Maha to Malik, Maha Sidra 
Abdel Malik, Makarios to Malik, Makarios 
Mahal, Kavita Kaur to Mahal, Jennifer Kavita 
Garcia-Vargas, Ian to Garcia Vargas, Ian 
Hassan, Brima to Jalloh, Mohamed 
Kohli, Simmerjit Kaur to Saxon, Sonia Kohli 
Abraham, Ali Wesley Ndarusanze to Ali, Abraham Ndarusanze Wesley
November 6, 2013 
Milne, Kenneth James to Barks, Kenny James 
Milne, Abbigale Kathleen to Barks, Abby Kathleen
November 7, 2013 
Chauhan, Ziya Singh to Chauhan, Anhad 
Twoyoungmen-Starblanket, Persius Turrelle Raymond II to Ackroyd-Twoyoungmen, 
Raymond Turrelle Persius 
Zimmerman, David Daryl Eugene to Doknosismithtons, Sevent. Agape Singzoe 
Crawford-Grant, Alannah Morgan to Crawford, Alannah Morgan 
Burkard, Corbyn Lee to Ziegler, Corbyn Lee 
Burkard, Avery Joseph to Ziegler, Avery Joseph 
Kovalska, Yevgeniya to Glaz, Yevgeniya 
Albornoz, Lucas Rodrigo to Albornoz Escobar, Lucas Rodrigo 
Khadidja, Ali Ousmane to Ousmane, Khadidja Ali 
Donofrio, Robert Troy to Kanarek, Robert Troy
November 8, 2013 
Reimer, Alexis Kirstin to Osorio de Barros, Alexis Kirstin 
Baker, Ruthlyn Olga to Johnson, Ruth Naomi 
Moran, Douglas to Cardinal, Douglas Lawrence 
Finch, Reta May to Finch, Reta Mae 
Gill, Sandeep Kaur to Gill, Soma 
Cardinal, Allysa Anne to Calliou, Allysa Anne 
Tabearjmand, Mohammadreza to Arjmand, Mohammadreza 
Landstrom, Nicole Lena to Landstrom-Langevin, Nicole Lena 
Suhai, Rayne to Suhai, Rayne Elaine 
Obid, Sa'ad Fadhil to Kadhim, Sa'ad Fadhil 
Xiao, Yi Tong to Xiao, Emilie Yitong 
Erickson, Keyarah Gwendolyn Marie to Tofin, Keyarah Gwendolyn Marie 
Kidd, Margaret Constance Jean to Livicker, Margaret Constance Jean Kidd 
Al Shawabkeh, Katya Tariq Younes to Alshawabkeh, Katya Tariq Younes 
Al Shawabkeh, Mira Tariq Younes to Alshawabkeh, Mira Tariq Younes 
Hadera, Sutetaw Kassie to Kassa, Sutetaw Berhanu 
Strecheniuk, Jayden Alexander to Agnew, Jayden Alexander 
Mills, Paisley Adele to Aebly, Paisley Adele 
Byju Thaikoottathil, Individual has only one name to Stephen, Byju 
Charalil Vijayan, Sindhu to Stephen, Sindhu Byju 
Sayuj Byju Stephen, Individual has only one name to Stephen, Sayuj Byju 
Evelyn Mariya Byju, Individual has only one name to Stephen, Evelyn Mariya 
Moushi, Rosalina to Jabo, Rosalina 
Al-Sadoon, Amro Abdulmunem to Al-Sadoon, Amr Abdulmunem 
Thadathil, Joshy Chacko to Chacko, Joshy 
Jaic, Adhin Joshy to Joshy, Adhin Jaic 
Samuels-Halasa, Aviyana Marie to Halasa, Aviyana Marie 
Rufiange, Adrian Jerome Guy to Delgado, Adrian Samuel 
Rufiange, Keily Aaliyah to Delgado, Keily Aaliyah 
Geng, Xiao to Geng, Ricky 
Blashill, Nephi Neil to Shields, Nephi 
Muhamed, Hafsa to Lallo, Hafsa Abubeker 
Smithers Southgate, Ciara Bernadette Joanne to Southgate, Ciara Joanne 
Lin, Pao-Ling to Kraska, Joyce Pao-Ling 
Lane, Claire Alexia to Lane, Alexia 
Owusu, Musa to Owusu, Moses Aaron
November 12, 2013 
Gratton, Michelene Paula Marie to Gratton, Micheline Pauline 
Wegrich, Cadence June to Duchesne, Cadence June 
Ali, Abdo Omer Moham to Abdella, Abdo Omer 
Dutta, Aaliyah Kaif to Ali, Aaliyah Kaif 
Dutta, Alina Salma to Ali, Alina Salma 
Frappier, Luc Guy to Oosterhoff, Rena Claudia 
Dawydiuk, Keissa Charmen to Dawydiuk, Kiessa Charmen 
Rideout-Smith, Kaitlyn Abigail to Smith, Kaitlyn Abigail Taylor 
Li, Jiaqi to Li, James Jiaqi 
Thomden, Shirley Anne to Tillman, Shay Leia 
Mulino Hernandez, Jose Alejandro to Mulino, Jose Alejandro
November 15, 2013 
Laboucan, Alexis Michelle Saphire to Bentley, Alexis Michelle Saphire 
Belyaev, Danila to Belyaev, Daniel 
Jones, Jake Reid to Kim, Jake Reid 
Jones, Mac Alexander to Kim, Mac Alexander 
Jones, Madelaine Danielle to Kim, Madelaine Danielle 
Li, Shixin to Li, Celia Sze-Yan 
Shearer, Valerie Evalyn to Watson, Valerie Evalyn 
Malsbury-Youngberg, Morgynn Kael to Malsbury, Morgynn Kael 
Lampitoc, Marieshields to Datahan, Marieshields Lampitoc
November 18, 2013 
Raju, Kamanpreet Singh to Dhillon, Kamanpreet Singh 
Loewen, Rusaela to Loewen Schultz, Rosaela 
Moltzan-Machan, Leiland Mathias to Moltzan, Leiland Mathias 
MacDonald, Tirzah Baretta to Bissky, Tirzah Shiloh 
Hoknes, Jennifer Lee-Ann to Garman, Jennifer Lee-Ann 
Moyo, Esnarth Dalubuhle to Nkomo, Emily 
Johal, Gurdip Singh to Johal, Johnny Singh 
Hon, Lara Marie Ga Yuk to Stevens, Lara Marie 
Jackson, Lauren Eve to Jackson, Landon Ezra 
Pelley, Alexis Danielle to Suga, Alexis Danielle 
Worme, Stephen MacKenzie to Warme, Stephen MacKenzie 
Gurnani, Pooja Chandrakant to Keshavjee, Alyssa 
Petrowski, Clarence Norman to Petroskey, Clarence Norman 
Gote, Shemeles Paulos Gebeyehu to Gote, Biruk Paulos Gebeyehu 
Reyes, Marylor Eusebio to Montero, Marylor Reyes 
Doell, Tracy Lynn to Doell, Tracy Anna-Lynn 
Priestley, Winston John to Leask, Winston George Leonard 
Neufeld, Katherine Strong to Kivisto, Katherine Madeline 
Holmedal-Behm, Taison George to Behm, Taison George 
Iskandar, Riad to Iskandar, Aki Riad 
Duquette, Tristen Chandler Arthur Leroy to Kovacs, Tristen Chandler Arthur Leroy 
Kellert, Ezra Isaac to Mwai, Ezra Isaac 
Metsikassus, Carl Randy to Cardinal, Carl Randy 
Folks, Raymond Christopher to Maguire, Raymond Christopher 
Kwasnycia, Benjamin Nicholas to Patton, Benjamin Nicholas 
Assiah, Asia to Krazini, Assiah 
Skinner, Camilla Robbie Dawne to Desfosses, Camilla Robbie Dawne 
Hanna-Skinner, Ashlynn Hailey Rae to Desfosses, Ashlynn Hailey Rae 
Skinner, Vincent Thomas James to Desfosses, Vincent Thomas James
Craypo, Caley Jane to Craypo-Wells, Caley Jane
November 19, 2013 
Goran, Allyssa Payge McNeill to McNeill, Allyssa Payge 
Sidhu, Tanjeet Kaur to Sandhu, Tanjeet Kaur 
Opoku, Gabriel to Taylor, De-Graft Kwesi 
Gudziuk, Jessie Maria to Murphy, Jessie Maria 
Johnson, Brennen Madison to Shirley, Brennen Sherman 
Niskanen, David Tyler to Cloutier, David Tyler 
Seggie, Laura Aimee to Seggie, Ryan Aaron 
Peever, James Robert Anthony to Holloway, James Robert Anthony 
Peever, Marisa Donna Hope to Holloway, Marisa Donna Hope 
Boland, Madison Anna to Cardinal, Madison Anna Boland 
Sears-Boudreau, Mary-Ann to Sears, Mary-Ann
November 20, 2013 
Chan, May to Chan, May Karin Tsing-Wah 
Cummings, Lucas Kenneth to Cummings-Quennelle, Lucas Kenneth 
Cummings, Karim John to Cummings-Quennelle, Karim John 
Soliman, Mohannad to Ibrahim, Adam 
Howe, Cheri Lynn to Howe, Cheri Harmony 
Jia, Zilu to Jia, Emma Zilu 
Mundaca, Nelson Michael to Mundaca Garcia, Nelson Michael 
Skifton, Oliver John to Skiftun, Oliver John 
Bohmann, Shania Nicole to Halcro, Shania Nicole 
Bohmann, Amanda Phyllis to Halcro, Amanda Phyllis 
Webster, Isabella Angelina to Webster, Jashemah Jarmine T'Nille 
Ritchot, Oliver Nicholas to Sculean, Oliver Nicholas 
Thomas, Daxton Kenneth Laurence to Schrader, Daxton Kenneth Laurence 
Thomas, Tristan Patrick Harold Marion to Schrader, Tristan Patrick Harold 
Thomas, Jayden Jace Taylor to Schrader, Jayden Jace Taylor 
Mercanti, Naomi Elizabeth Ann to Lebeuf, Naomi Elizabeth Ann 
McRae, Corina Norma Mavis to Beard, Corina Alexandra Rose 
Quintal-Lungul, Emma Leah Rose to Lungul, Emma Leah Rose 
Quintal-Lungul, Emily Ann to Lungul, Emily Ann 
Hedger, Allan George to McDonald, Allan George 
Yao, Rebecca to Yao, Amelia Annabella Hui-Chih 
Morden-Prince, Aliya Rosaria to English, Aliya Rosaria 
Nielsen, Autumn Alexis Lynn to Bryson, Autumn Alexis Lynn 
Nielsen, Ryder Joyce Lynn to Bryson, Ryder Joyce Lynn 
Siddiqui, Hasan to Asif, Hasan 
Arends, Kiara Josephine to Krokis, Kiara Josephine 
Fraser-Donnelly, Bentley Scott Fred to Fraser, Bentley Scott Fred 
Fraser-Donnelly, Avery Jerrika Rachel to Fraser, Avery Jerrika Rachel 
Mostafavi-Christensen, Martin Anoosh to Christensen, Martin 
Higa, Seth Allan Shucho to Brown, Seth Allan Shucho 
Aiza, Ibrar to Ibrar, Aiza 
Nguyen, Pham Quoc Vinh to Pham, Vincent 
Scobie-Gyug, Johnathon Diesel to Gyug, Johnathon Diesel Scobie 
Malton, Justice Allan David to Arbuckle, Justice Allan David 
Anderson-Lavoie, Carver Jacob to Lavoie, Carver Jacob 
Anderson-Lavoie, Maelyn Rose to Lavoie, Maelyn Rose 
Nguyen, Phu Hung to Nguyen, Peter Phu Hung 
Gherehanes, Abel Semere Ghebrehanes to Ghebreha, Abel Semere 
Ghebrehanes, Melat Semere to Ghebreha, Melat Semere 
Gibson, James Denton to MacMillan, James Denton 
Pacheco-Vega, Leonardo James to Pacheco Kocurek, Leonardo James 
Pacheco-Vega, Emiliano Cruz to Pacheco Kocurek, Emiliano Cruz 
Jedidiah Gatus Shum Chun Kit, Individual has only one name to Shum, Jedidiah 
Gatus Chun Kit
November 21, 2013 
Hall, Ming-Chung Miranda to Hall, Miranda Ming-Chung 
Ibrahim, Mohammed I-M to Al-Mofty, Mohammed Issam 
Ibrahim, Omar to Al-Mofty, Omar Mohammed 
Campbell-Rehm, Donna Lynn to Rehm, Donna Lynn 
Vo, Thi Minh Thuy to Lau, Thuy 
Griesser, Crystal Dawn to Paquette, Crystale Dawn 
Cutforth, Jeffrey Dyer to Collins, Jeffrey Dyer 
Mohammad Khani, Behrouz to Khani, Behrouz 
Mohammad Khani, Masoud to Khani, Masoud 
Mohammad Khani, Mahdi to Khani, Mahdi 
Acharya, Shankar to Dean, Zachary Acharya 
Marah, Bangali to Marah, Bangali Peter 
Worka, Mekdes Mulugeta to Kassa, Mekdes Tsegaye
November 25, 2013 
Mohamed, Logina Maged Elsayed Abdelhameed to Haggag, Lojina Maged El Sayed 
Abd El Hameed Mohamed 
Abdelmassieh, Joseph Emad Raouf to Hanna, Joseph Emad Raouf 
Abdelmassieh, Nattaly Emad Raouf to Hanna, Nattaly Emad Raouf 
M Amin, Taha Mutasim M to Yassin, Taha Mutasim 
Moohammed Ameen, Mohammed Moatasem to Yassin, Mohamed Mutasim
November 27, 2013 
Esendzhanov, Sadyrbek to Esen, Eric 
Ysmanova, Asylkan to Ysman, Asylla 
Esendzhanova, Kamilla to Esen, Kamilla 
Angeles, Katrina Pia Cal to Angeles, Katrina Pia Diaz 
Kearney, Logan Tyler to Willmott, Logan Tyler 
Connelly, Halle Grace to Forsythe, Halle Grace 
Flanagan, Tyler James to Bateman, Tyler James Thomas 
Cyer, Alith Cyerdir to Cyerdit, Alith Cyerdir 
Cyer, Awen Cyer Cyerdir Deng to Cyerdit, Awen Cyer 
Little, William John to Little, John William 
De Iure, Lindsay Anne to Alfaro, Lindsay Anne 
Siembaba, Christopher to Stany, Quincy Chris Yafali 
McKenzie, Sarah Elizabeth to Guenette, Sarah Elizabeth 
Chuckry, Christopher James to Money, Christopher James 
Perry, Colleen Nicole to Perry, Nicole 
Klotz, Kerwin Joseph to Mandrusiak, Kerwin Joseph 
Tobler, Dorothy Jodi-Lynn to Tobler, Jodi Lynn 
Levasseur, X-Avier Gary Atchez to Cät‚, X-Avier Gary Atchez 
Harjai, Ashu to Harjai, Ashna 
Harjai, Bhuvi to Harjai, Shanaya 
Boyce, Shai Austin Peter to Boyce-Cuthbert, Shai Austin Peter 
Mudry, Violet Ada Morgan to Morgan, Violet Ada 
Yu, Joanne Hoi-Ying to Yu, Joanna Hoi-Ying 
Holmes, Ryan Christopher to Schafer, Ryan Christopher 
Cook, Oria Gabrielle to Kujala, Oria Gabrielle 
Litchfield, Shawn Adam to Collins, Shawn Adam 
Litchfield, Michael Bruce to Collins, Michael Bruce 
Catampongan, Diana Cabiso to Garcia, Diana Cabiso 
Akol, Quir Akol to Akol, Akol Quir 
Sandhu, Rajbir Kaur to Riar, Rajbir Kaur 
Wesley, Trevor Wayne to Wesley-Manywounds, Trevor Wayne 
Desforge, Damien Eric Pfeffer to Pfeffer, Damien Eric 
Tedla, Yohannes Medhan to Medhane, Yohannes Tedla 
Lee, Chung Koen to Lee, Joseph Choong Kwon 
Aberle, Brittany Kai to Mason, Brettley Kai Witch-Hazel
November 28, 2013 
Askander, No'El to Tallo, No'El 
Salim, Mariam to Tallo, Mariam 
Salim, Warda to Tallo, Warda 
Passey, Kealan Atkinson to Bailey, Kealan Atkinson 
Juachin-Larreynaga, Thiago Javier to Juachin Larreynaga, Thiago Javier 
Viste, Jeffrey Calton to Hoffman, Jeffrey Calton 
de Jong, Natasha Tiyana to Wetmore, Natasha Tiyana 
Zhao, Zi Han to Fenrick, Andrea 
Mohamud, Mohamed Osman to Mohamud, Huseen Korane 
Lefebvre, Kaelin Douglas to Hergott, Kaelin Douglas 
Baldock, Jessica Elizabeth Eileen to Wood, Jessica Elizabeth Eileen 
Kim, Baeksun to Kim, Lina 
Smith, Layne Parker to Danis, Layne Parker 
Zhao, Zhangqi to Zhao, Jackie Zhangqi 
Ould Ahmed Salem, Abderrahmane to El Maghary, Abderrahmane 
Chaytor, Cyril James McVeigh to MacLeod, James McVeigh 
Defosse, Donna Lou to DeFazio, Victoria Pearl 
Wright, Molly Jean to Wright, Cub Jean 
Zi, Ah to Yinthang, Grace Chang
November 29, 2013 
Talley Beaulieu, Terrell Zane to Beaulieu, Terrell Zane 
Talley Beaulieu, Wynona Marie to Beaulieu, Wynona Marie 
Talley Beaulieu, Wyomi Angel to Beaulieu, Wyomi Angel 
Talley Beaulieu, Whitney Jade to Beaulieu, Whitney Jade 
Han, Hui Xin to Han, Vikki Hui Xin 
Lin, Juo-Ying to Lin, Miranda Juoying 
Harpe, Tanya Rita to Fougere, Tanya Fiona 
Shuaeb, Farah to Deebhaa, Farrah 
Di Leone Velasquez, Leonardo Jos‚ to Di Leone, Leonardo Jos‚ 
Kellow, Roberta Rae to Chanakos, Roberta Alida 
Evlanov, Semen to Evlanov, Siamion 
Strongman, Shae Lynn to Minde-Strongman, Shae Lynn 
Hajdini, Fatmire to Hajdini, Amira 
Koopmans, Ouwe to Koopmans, Otto 
Wu, Min to Wu, Justin Lee 
Yu, Qian to Wu, Erin Quinn 
Shea, Tristan Josef to Smetana, Tristan Josef 
Chandrashekhar, Aditya to Chandrashekhar, Aaditya
December 2, 2013 
Galu‚-Colman, Allison to Galue Colman, Allison 
Heidi, Wendy Jean Katherine to Heidi, Wendi 
Lokwang, Yoni Kapel to Lomuriamoe, Yohanan Lokwang K 
Metzler, Lachlan Lewis to Terpstra, Lachlan Lewis 
Gray, Curtis Doyle to Gray, Kristian Curtis Doyle 
Wickens-Thornewell, Connor Allan to Thornewell, Connor Allan 
Dyck, Christopher Beecher to von Dyck, Christopher Beecher 
Zhao, Zhen Chao to Zhao, David Zhenchao
December 3, 2013 
Sumaia, Individual has only one name to Hassan, Sumaia 
Dhaliwal, Arjun Singh to Sangha, Arjun Singh 
Ruf, Rylan William Peter to Starchuk, Rylan William Peter 
Wasowicz, Ryan Alexis Jean to Wasowicz, Elizabeth Alexis Jean 
Lestus Alvarado, Avah Alexa to Lestus, Avah Alexa 
Ammeter, Zachary Dominic Raoul Blaise to Anderson, Zachary Dominic Raoul 
Khoshnaw, Zachariah Handrin to MacDonald, Zachariah Aydin 
Belcourt, George to Flaata, George 
DeGraff, Bronek Amadeus to McKenzie, Bronek Amadeus 
Stevenson, Darcy James to Onespot Stevenson, Darcy James 
Stevenson, Leslie Lynn to Onespot Stevenson, Leslie Lynn 
Stevenson, Michelle Renee to Onespot Stevenson, Michelle Renee 
Ahmad, Ahmad Sanaullah to Bhatti, Ahmad Sanaullah 
Stabler, Rececca Arron to Gagnon, Belle Holiday-Rose 
Walter, Noah Paul to Hofer, Noah Paul 
Lanz, James Chesney to Lanz-Koboah, James Chesney 
Rai, Runchi Maya to Rai, Maya 
Dhaliwal, Karamjit Kaur to Dhaliwal, Jasmine Kaur 
Littletent, Jordan Cory to Richardson, Jordan Cory 
McPerson, Lancaster Ivanovich to Kleine, Lance Gary Eugene 
Hunter, Naomi to Jaswal, Mininder Kaur 
Olsen, Alexis Lawrence to Olsen, Leckie Lawrence 
O'Brien, Leslie Franklyn to O'Brien, Lester Franklyn 
Yurasek, Jeremy Shawn Daniel Free to Winter, Shawn 
Lowen-Pyne, Vaughn Bishop to Pyne, Vaughn Bishop 
Lowen, Sundreah Mary Elizabeth to Pyne, Sundreah Mary Elizabeth 
Metts, Reed Patrick to Flett, Reed Patrick 
Friesen, Anna to Friesen, Anna Marie 
Friesen, Gertrude to Friesen, Gertrude Sarah 
Friesen, Edith to Friesen, Edith Eva 
Cuthbertson, Caitlin Bailey to Cuthbertson, Colton Blake 
Yasakawa, Shoji to Tokumine, Ryuto 
Nixon, Gary Lloyd to Tzu, Gary 
McLaughlin, Jordyn Ruth to McLaughlin, Jordyn Dorothy Ruth 
Tessman, Luke Aaron to Beaton, Luke Aaron 
Yin, Chaochen to Yin, Michael Justin 
Tesfaye, Sesen Michaella to Eyassu, Sesen Michaella 
Poirier, Jovanna to Kellert, Jovanna Kristina 
Devine, Karla Kay to Devine Onespot, Karla Kay
December 4, 2013 
Moll, Hermann to Mohl, John Herman 
Doody, Guy Malcolm to Legault, Guy Malcolm 
Ellerbeck-VanRunt, Kayla Jade to Legault, Kayla Jade 
Zhao, Yuxuan to Chiu, Franky 
Zha, Si Ke to Cha, Charles 
Zha, Holly Liang to Cha, Holly Liang 
Makboon, Pakorn to Wright, Pakorn 
Shubham Bahl, Shubham to Bahl, Shubham 
Sharif Der Ali, Sharif Abdolnas to Ali, Der 
Radostits, Rebecca Elizabeth Piper to Radostits, Piper Elizabeth Rebecca 
Zhang, Shu Xing to Zhang, Zephyr 
Ali, Alemtsehay Mekonnen to Dori, Almaz Tesfagebriel 
Peinado, Steven Peinado Laguna to Arellano Laguna, Steven 
Hunter, Mignon Geraldine Maraya to Labadie, Mignon Geraldine Maraya 
Caballero, Rhys Margarette to Hurley, Rhys Margarette 
Tran, Henry to Tran, Helen 
Wintonyk, Anne Savella to Wintonyk, Anne Victoria 
Cho, Jun Hyun to Cho, Peter Sungil 
Heinrichs, Brandon Lorne to Ritchie, Brandon Lorne
December 5, 2013 
Souvannavong, Maniphet to Souvannavong, Mandy 
Uselman, Daemon James to Savage, Daemon James 
Uselman, Teegan Rae to Savage, Teegan Rae 
Schaefer, Megan Christina to Hann, Megan Christina 
Negash, Fenet Bekele to Yihun, Fenet 
Negash, Gelila Yihun to Yihun, Gelila 
Flanagan, Jamie Lynn to Bateman, Jamie Lynn 
Bartha, Jozsef Attilane to Bartha, Marian 
Campbell, DŠsirŠe Dawn to Rehm, DŠsirŠe Dawn 
Jhaj, Harman to Jhaj, Harmun Singh 
Asres, Medhanie Uqbazgi to Asres, Barnabas Medhanie 
Mersey, Neely Marie to Hamlyn, Neely Marie 
Jensen, Christopher Fredrick to Fitzpatrick, Christopher Fredrick 
Zahr, Rolla Ramez to Hailley, Rea Tamsen 
McKim, Arabella Mae to Hailley, Kaylaa Brienna 
Morgan, Michael Christopher to Morganton, Michael Christopher 
Middleton, Amanda Dawn to Morganton, Amanda Dawn 
Beveridge, Shawn Douglas to Cormick, Bayden 
Scha-Sees, Trent Ramsey to Scha-Sees Croy, Trent Ramsey 
Adsit, Neil Christopher to Adsit, Natasha Christine 
Payne, Cortney Jean Margaret to Baldwin, Cortney Jean Margaret 
Fitznar, Benjamin Junior to Maddison, Benjamin J 
Parishaniforooshani, Sahar to Roshani, Sahar 
Halladay, Lacey Lynn to Halladay, Lace Lynn 
Anderson, Dustin to Roy, Dustin Anderson 
Kimball, Jazmin Ashley to Harvey, Jazmin Ashley
December 6, 2013 
Aylward, Paul James to Kinistino, Paul James 
Aylward, Kaitlyn Mary Louise to Kinistino, Kaitlyn Mary Louise 
Morad, Jim to Gulmorad-Ali, Hussain 
Magat, Mayumi De Jesus to Mercado, Mayumi Magat
December 9, 2013 
Amundrud, Gary Brian to Whiteship, Jennifer Darlene 
Thistlethwaite, Sydney Ann to Simpson, Sydney Ann 
Cockerill, Hailey Heaven-Leigh to Hodgson, Hailey Heaven-Leigh 
Anhel, Austin Maurice to Foss-Anhel, Austin Maurice 
Cook, Nevaeh Sally to Cook-Kemp, Nevaeh Sally 
Phouthavong, Rongloun to Akesinghkham, Alounsuk
December 10, 2013 
Bai, Chen Fei to Bai, Renee Chenfei 
Orr, Yolande Kim Hazelann to Orr, Kimberly Hazel-Ann 
Waldner, Susanna to Waldner, Sanna Grace 
Sime, Samrawit Behail to Woldegeorgis, Samrawit Behail 
Mohamoud, Farah to Dahir, Farah 
Rakhra, Sonia to Kaur, Sonia 
Wourms-Symyrozum, Jesse Nicholas to Symyrozum, Jesse Nicholas 
Endols, Mark Matthew Anthony to Endols, Michelle Janina 
Zayrman Zadeh, Abdolaziz to Al Tamimi, Abdulaziz 
Zayermanzadeh, Soud to Al Tamimi, Soud 
Zayrman Zadeh, Fajer to Al Tamimi, Fajer 
Gallant, Allissa Jennifer to McCann, Allissa Jennifer 
Micallef, Darcy Gayton to Rose, Darcy James 
O'Neil-Majed, Naved Edward to Majed, Naved Fadi 
Escobar-Machula, Nicole to Machula, Nicole 
Vanier, Adelynn Theresa Paige to Verbeek, Adelynn Theresa Paige 
Martin, Shannon Rae to Marten, Shannon Rae
December 11, 2013 
Zaman, Mahnoor to Zaman, Nuriyah 
Sosa De Leon, Juan Pablo to Escobar De Leon, Juan Pablo 
de Ruyter, Jacqueline Marie to Escobar de Ruyter, Jacqueline Marie
December 12, 2013 
Butler, Brandon Stephen James to LeDrew, Brandon James 
Strawberry, Ervin Kelly to Strawberry Crowchild, Ervin Kelly 
CrowChild, Eva Sharon to Strawberry Crowchild, Eva Rae 
Tsyganenko, Alla to Lawrence, Alla 
Chen, Elain Sui Ling to Siu, Tare Chun Yuk 
Siu, Kelvin Wai Keung to Siu, Mani Wang Yuk 
Wenaus, Douglas John to Wenaus, Jack Douglas John
December 13, 2013 
Navin Jayaram, Individual has only one name to Jayaram, Navin 
Zou, YiFan to Zou, Yi 
Singh, Rupinder to Grewal, Rupinder Singh 
Bhatti, Amardeep to Grewal, Amardeep 
Bhatti-Singh, Ganevmeet to Grewal, Ganevmeet Singh 
Bhatti, Eshmeet Kaur to Grewal, Eshmeet Kaur 
Francis, Corey David to Martin, Corey David 
Fraser, Daryl Christopher Joseph to Easton, Daryl Christopher Joseph 
Lata, Shereen to Lal, Shereen Lata 
Laube, Karina Gaye to Ohlmann, Karina Gayelynn 
Bryan, Damian Pahl to McGladdery, Damian Pahl 
Lee, Sanghyun to Lee, Johnny Sanghyun 
Anum, Individual has only one name to Imtiaz, Anum 
Sana, Individual has only one name to Imtiaz, Sana 
Pradine, Ryan James Cameron to Guay, Ryan Leslie Phillip 
Lee, Wing Chi to Lee, Cathy Windy Wing Wai Wan 
Suprovich, Gary Eugene Carl to Suprovich, Garry Eugene Carl 
Boire, Marie Jeannine to Boire, Jeannine Marie 
Ryan, Gerald Valentine to Ryan, Gerard Valentine 
Voss, Angela Maria to Voss, Stacy Dish Eighyr 
Truong, Thi Truyen to Truong, Theresa Truyen Thi 
Manning, Martine Elizabeth Sidney to Manning, Martine Elizabeth Sydney 
Grant, Eliot John to Grant, Ella Margaret 
Lepore, Eric Delmer to Mears, Eric Delmer 
Assefa, Abera Kenene to Keneni, Abera Assefa 
Xie, Ming Fen to Xie, Jenny Ming Fen 
Melnyk, Kimberly Elizabeth to McBain, Kimberly Elizabeth 
Chen, Zhan Justin to Chen, Justin Zhan 
Manipon, Rhea Llarenas to Llarenas, Rhea
December 16, 2013 
Manalo, Leonilyn Maritana to Pai, Leonilyn Manalo 
Grant, Nolan Jeffery Daniel to Davies, Nolan Jeffery 
Nelmes, Michael Christopher to Westlake, Michael Christopher 
Boudreau, Aidan Brian Raymond to Robbins, Aidan Brian 
Jong, Mikah to Cunningham, Mikah Ashley 
McIsaac, Reese Carol-Marie to Ellendt, Reese Carol-Marie 
Friedley, Clayton Garrett to Ros‚, William August 
Heilesen, Koston Hugo to McNabb-Heilesen, Koston Hugo 
Gauthier-Mathieu, Jean-S‚bastien to Mathieu, Jean-S‚bastien 
Arana, Brisa Estrella Brideau to Brideau-Arana, Brisa Estrella 
Brideau, Keona Kellyanne to Allan, Keona Kellyanne 
Kutcher Easton, Kaylee Jae to Easton, Kaylee Jae 
Hoang, Thi Thuy to Tran, Claire Thuy 
Khan, Mohammed Mizanur Rahman to Khan, Mizanur Rahman 
Jabeen, Jamila to Khan, Jamila Jabeen 
Rutbah, Sabera to Khan, Sabera Rutbah 
Subhana, Rabeya to Khan, Rabeya Subhana 
Neamtu, Anastasia to Bezkorovaynyy, Anastasia 
Winthers, Cassandra Leigh to Norris, Cassandra Leigh Winthers 
Burt, Luke Winston Stanley to Burt, Emma Fae 
Roach, Andrew Rota to Rota, Andrew 
Gould, Susan Laurie to Casey, Suze Allariah 
Tran, Violet to Tran, Violet Siqi 
Xu, Haiqing to Gartner, Jennifer Xu Elizabeth 
Javed, Muhammad Irfan to Javed, Irfan 
Wood, Jason Carmond to Wood, Sara Carmen 
Sterr, Kailey Alyssa to Couch, Kailey Alyssa 
Payne, Joy Balubal to Payne, Joy Deleon 
Kanneh, Solomane to Diakite, Solomane Layee 
Langlois, Chelsea Elouise to Langlois, Chelsea Elouise Charlie 
Khajala, Amrit Kaur to Aulakh, Parneet Kaur 
Chen, Benjamin Henry Joseph to Abusalim, Idreese Aymen Henry 
Elliott, Issac William to Darley, Issac William 
Cao, Drake to Chao, Drake 
Anchor-McClure, Jaxon Douglas to Anchor, Jaxon Darryl 
Meerwali, Muna to Meerwali, Hannah Muna 
Kuzyk, MacKenzie Doranne to Innes, Nova Caine 
Gulka, Nickolas Patrick Adolf to Petke, Nickolas Patrick Adolf 
Baculi, Lourdes Lugue to Lugue, Lourdes Navarro 
Iqbal, Iffat Khalil Mohamed to Knight, Leez
December 17, 2013 
Ashish, Ashish to Rana, Ashish N 
Chadwick, Helen Claire to Chadwick, Claire Helen 
Pham, An Truong to Tapiau, Andre Dunois 
Carroll, Sydney Jeanette to de Jonge, Sydney Jeanette 
Godinez Lizarraga, Jesus Eduardo to Muhlbier, Eduardo 
Ellerbeck, Daniel Robert to Legault, Daniel Scott 
Baidanuta, Evgheni to Martin, Eugene 
Mawien, Newteg Garang to Mawien, Nyanut Garang 
Sterling, Kaylee LaVeve to Lepp, Kaylee LaVeve Sterling 
Parr, Keara Marae to Lenz, Keara Marae 
Rawlusyk, Rene Christine to Dinesen, Isak Teddy 
Shakir, Muhammad Ali to Shakir, Ali Muhammad 
Shakir, Muhammad Umar to Shakir, Umar Muhammad 
Shakir, Muhammad Usman to Shakir, Usman Muhammad 
Shamshad, Haiqa to Cheema, Haiqa Shamshad
December 18, 2013 
Papineau, Amy Margaret to Edwards, Amy Carol 
Zenagebriel, Milkias Solomon to Solomon, Milkias 
Zenagebriel, Ariam Solomon to Solomon, Ariam 
Osuntola, Olusegun Kolawole to Olusegun, Kolawole 
Osuntola, Olusegun Israel to Olusegun, Israel Joshua 
Osuntola, Ifeoluwa Boluwatife to Olusegun, Ifeoluwa Boluwatife 
Osuntola, Ayomide Ikeoluwa to Olusegun, Ayomide Ikeoluwa 
Mehr-Un-Nisa, Individual has only one name to Khan, Mehr-Un-Nisa 
Ahmad-Saeed, Ashaze Imran Ahmad to Ahmad, Ashaze 
Daniels, Milania to Halabi, Milania 
Selvaratnam, Vijitha to Ahilan, Vijitha 
Averill, Lynnette Michelle to Kimmitt, Lynnette Katherine 
McCurdy, Kevin Joseph to McCurdy, Joseph Kevin 
Best, Kohen Allan to Stewart, Kohen Allan 
Loyie, Stacey Lynn Maria to Le'Cree, Knowla 
Twin, Jessica Eve to Niedermayer, Jessica Eve 
Arand, Glenda Lucille to Ayrennd, Korenna 
Danyliuk, Harry to Danyluk, Harry 
Fillier, Brandon Gordon to Campbell, Brandon Gordon 
Adebisi-Abiodun, Caroline Kennie to Adebisi, Kennie Caroline 
Adebisi-Abiodun, Michael Oluwato to Adebisi, Michael Oluwashayo 
Adebisi-Abiodun, Mary Opeyemi to Adebisi, Esther Moshope 
Perera, Mallika Arachch to Perera, Ryan Rasanjana 
Gamachu, Hirko Abdisa to Banti, Hundara Miressa
December 19, 2013 
Bronson, Lorimae to Heintz, Anthony Lorimae 
Ayers, Faith Violet to Buttrey, Faith Violet 
Ayers, Kathryn Grace to Buttrey, Kathryn Grace 
Head, Alishia to Hoy, Alishia Patsy 
Steffen, Kade William to Green, Kade William 
Klassen, Courtney Patricia to Fisher, Courtney Patricia 
Purdy, Leslie Anne to Steele, Leslie Anne 
Najmadin, Mustafa I to Najmadin, Chateen 
Kadach, Paul Arthur to Arthur, Paul
December 20, 2013 
Soligo, Liam Gordon to Nunn, Liam Gordon 
Soligo, Caleb Koolehi to Nunn, Caleb Koolehi 
Sirard Furoy, C‚dric Maxime to Sirard, C‚dric Maxime 
Wilt, Sheila Esther to Zyanya, Cookie Sheila Esther 
Cassidy, Barthon Farrel to First Rider, Farrell Barthon 
Stables, Kevin Warren to Davies, Kevin Warren 
Lucha Tejada, Claudia Alejandra to Lucha Mena, Weston Alejandro
December 23, 2013 
Cliplef, Julia Helene to Cliplef, Juliana Helene 
Rytter, Shane Felix to Herrera, Shane Felix 
Fedorio, Frank Derek to Rivers, Frank
December 31, 2013 
Palosky, Clifford Philip to Starr, Clifford Philip 
O'Kute, Paulin Maria to O'Kute, Pauline Maria
Treasury Board and Finance
Cancellation Notice
(Insurance Act)
Notice is hereby given that effective February 28, 2014, Arch Insurance Company's 
license to transact insurance was cancelled pursuant to section 51 of the Insurance 
Laurie Balfour 
Acting Deputy Superintendent of Insurance.

Irrigation District Notice
Enforcement Return
(Irrigation Districts Act)
St. Mary River Irrigation District
Notice is hereby given that the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, Judicial Centre of 
Lethbridge has fixed Tuesday, May 6, 2014 as the day on which at 2:00 p.m., the 
Court will sit at the Court House, Lethbridge, Alberta for the purpose of confirmation 
of the Enforcement Return for the St. Mary River Irrigation District covering rates 
assessed for the year 2012.
Dated at Lethbridge, Alberta, March 7, 2014
6-7	Tom Crooks, M. Ed., B. Admin., CHRP, General Manager.
Taber Irrigation District
Notice is hereby given that the Court of Queen's Bench of the Judicial District of 
Lethbridge has fixed Tuesday, May 6, 2014 as the day on which at the hour of 2:00 
p.m. the Court will sit at the Court House, Lethbridge, Alberta, for the purpose of 
confirmation of the Rate Enforcement Return for the Taber Irrigation District 
covering rates assessed for the year 2012.
Dated at Taber, Alberta, March 6, 2014.
6-7	Christopher W. Gallagher, District Manager.
Western Irrigation District
Notice is hereby given that a Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta has 
fixed Thursday, May 15, 2014 as the day on which, at the hour of 10:00 a.m., or so 
soon thereafter as the application can be heard, the Court will sit in Chambers, at the 
Court House, 601 - 5 Street S.W. in Calgary, Alberta, for the purpose of confirmation 
of the Enforcement Return for the Western Irrigation District covering rates assessed 
for the year 2012.
Dated at Strathmore, Alberta, February 27, 2014.
5-6	Erwin Braun, P.L. (Eng), General Manager.

Public Sale of Land
(Municipal Government Act)
Town of Smoky Lake
Notice is hereby given that, under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, 
Town of Smoky Lake will offer for sale, by public auction, in the Town Council 
Chambers, 56 Wheatland Ave., Smoky Lake, Alberta, on Monday, May 12, 2014, at 
10:00 a.m., the following lands:
C of T
012 068 966
Each parcel will be offered for sale, subject to a reserve bid and to the reservations 
and conditions contained in the existing certificate of title.
This property will be offered for sale on an "as is, where is" basis and the Town of 
Smoky Lake makes no representation and gives no warranty whatsoever as to the 
adequacy of services, soil conditions, land use districting, building and development 
conditions, absence or presence of environment contamination, or the develop ability 
of the subject land for any intended use by the Purchaser.
No bid will be accepted where the bidder attempts to attach conditions precedent to 
the sale of any parcel.  No terms or conditions of sale will be considered other than 
those specified by the Town of Smoky Lake.  No further information is available at 
the auction regarding the lands to be sold.
Terms: Full payment by certified cheque or cash only by 4:00 p.m on day of sale. 
G.S.T will apply on lands sold at the public auction.
Redemption may be affected by payment of all arrears of taxes and costs at any time 
prior to the sale.
Dated at Smoky Lake, Alberta, March 14, 2014.
Harvey Prockiw, Chief Administrative Officer.

The Alberta Gazette is issued twice monthly, on the 15th and last day.
Notices and advertisements must be received ten full working days before the 
date of the issue in which the notices are to appear. Submissions received after 
that date will appear in the next regular issue.
Notices and advertisements should be typed or written legibly and on a sheet separate 
from the covering letter. An electronic submission by email or disk is preferred. 
Email submissions may be sent to the Editor of The Alberta Gazette at The number of insertions required should be specified and 
the names of all signing officers typed or printed. Please include name and complete 
contact information of the individual submitting the notice or advertisement.
Proof of Publication: Statutory Declaration is available upon request.
A copy of the page containing the notice or advertisement will be mailed to each 
advertiser without charge.
The dates for publication of Tax Sale Notices in The Alberta Gazette are as follows:
Issue of
Earliest date on which 
sale may be held
April 15
May 26
April 30
June 10

May 15
June 25
May 31
July 11

June 14
July 25
June 30
August 10

July 15
August 25
July 31
September 10

August 15
September 25
August 30
October 10

September 15
October 26
September 30
November 10
The charges to be paid for the publication of notices, advertisements and documents 
in The Alberta Gazette are:
Notices, advertisements and documents that are 5 or fewer pages	$20.00
Notices, advertisements and documents that are more than 5 pages	$30.00
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Annual Subscription (24 issues) consisting of:
Part I/Part II, and annual index - Print version	$150.00
Part I/Part II, and annual index - Electronic version	$150.00
Single issue (Part I and Part II)	$10.00
Annual Index to Part I or Part II	$5.00
Alberta Gazette Bound Part I	$140.00
Alberta Gazette Bound Regulations	$92.00
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The following shipping and handling charges apply for the Alberta Gazette:
Annual Subscription - Print version	$50.00
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Individual Gazette Publications	$10.00 for orders $20.00 and over
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Copies of Alberta legislation and select government publications are available from:
Alberta Queen's Printer 
5th Floor, Park Plaza 
10611 - 98 Avenue 
Edmonton, Alberta   T5K 2P7
Phone: 780-427-4952 
Fax: 780-452-0668
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