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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 110	Edmonton, Saturday, March 15, 2014	No. 05
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 21/2014 to 30/2014
Agricultural Operation Practices Act
Agricultural Operations, Part 2 Matters Amendment Regulation	24/2014
Agriculture Financial Services Act
Agriculture Financial Services (Extension of Expiry Date)  
Amendment Regulation	25/2014
Emergency Health Services Act
Emergency Health Services Regulations (Extension of Expiry Date)  
Amendment Regulation	21/2014
Gaming and Liquor Act
Gaming and Liquor Amendment Regulation	23/2014
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Milk Authorization Amendment Regulation	29/2014
Alberta Milk Negotiation and Arbitration Amendment Regulation	30/2014
Alberta Egg Producers Plan Amendment Regulation	26/2014
Egg Farmers of Alberta Federal Authorization Order	27/2014
Police Act
Police Service Amendment Regulation	22/2014
Travel Alberta Act
Travel Alberta Act General Amendment Regulation	28/2014