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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 109	Edmonton, Tuesday, December 31, 2013	No. 24
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 220/2013 to 230/2013
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Act
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Amendment Regulation	222/2013
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Oil Sands Environmental Monitoring Program Regulation	226/2013
Freehold Mineral Rights Tax Act
Freehold Mineral Rights Tax Regulation	223/2013
Government Organization Act
Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation	227/2013
Insurance Act
Home Warranty Insurance Regulation	225/2013
Mines and Minerals Act
Petroleum and Natural Gas Tenure Amendment Regulation	224/2013
New Home Buyer Protection Act
New Home Buyer Protection (Ministerial) Regulation	220/2013
Persons with Developmental Disabilities Services Act385.66
Developmental Disabilities Regulation	230/2013
Persons with Developmental Disabilities Safety Standards Regulation	229/2013
Persons with Developmental Disabilities Services Regulation	228/2013
Victims Restitution and Compensation Payment Act
Property and Revenue Forms Amendment Regulation	221/2013