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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 109	Edmonton, Saturday, November 30, 2013	No. 22
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 196/2013 to 204/2013
Adult Adoption Act
Adult Adoption Amendment Regulation	198/2013
Civil Enforcement Act
Civil Enforcement Amendment Regulation	196/2013
Film and Video Classification Act
Film and Video Classification (Extension of Expiry Date)  
Amendment Regulation	200/2013
Judgment Interest Act
Judgment Interest Amendment Regulation	197/2013
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Management Employees Pension Plan (2013 Contribution Rate Increase)  
Amendment Regulation	199/2013
Responsible Energy Development Act
Alberta Energy Regulator Rules of Practice Amendment Regulation	203/2013
Enforcement of Private Surface Agreement Rules	204/2013
Responsible Energy Development Act General Amendment Regulation	202/2013
Specified Enactments (Jurisdiction) Regulation	201/2013