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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 109	Edmonton, Saturday, March 30, 2013	No. 06
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulation 20/2013 to 27/2013
Emblems of Alberta Act
Official Emblems (Ministerial) Amendment Regulation	27/2013
Government Organization Act
Community Development Grants Regulation	25/2013
Tourism, Parks and Recreation Grants Regulation	26/2013
Guarantees Acknowledgment Act
Guarantees Acknowledgment Forms Amendment Regulation	20/2013
Interprovincial Subpoena Act
Interprovincial Subpoena Amendment Regulation	21/2013
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Beef Producers Plan Amendment Regulation	23/2013
Municipal Government Act
Thorhild Regional Waste Management Services Commission Disestablishment  
Regulation	22/2013
Safety Codes Act
Power Engineers (Extension of Expiry Date) Amendment Regulation	24/2013