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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 108	Edmonton, Saturday, December 15, 2012	No. 23
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 202/2012 to 216/2012
City of Lloydminster Act
The Lloydminster Charter	212/2012
Expropriation Act
Expropriation Act Forms Amendment Regulation	214/2012
Expropriation Act Rules of Procedure and Practice Amendment Regulation	213/2012
Health Information Act
Designation Amendment Regulation	210/2012
Judgement Interest Act
Judgement Interest Amendment Regulation	203/2012
Land Agents Licensing Act
Land Agents Licensing Amendment Regulation	209/2012
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Chicken Producers Authorization Amendment Regulation	216/2012
Mines and Minerals Act
Mineral Rights Compensation Amendment Regulation	208/2012
Municipal Government Act
Cochrane Community Revitalization Levy Regulation	204/2012
Electric Energy Generation Exemption Regulation	205/2012
Extension of Linear Property Regulation	207/2012
Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Amendment Regulation	215/2012
Municipal Finance Clarification Regulation	206/2012
Provincial Parks Act
Provincial Parks (Dispositions) Amendment Regulation	211/2012
Provincial Parks (General) Amendment Regulation	202/2012