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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 108	Edmonton, Wednesday, August 15, 2012	No. 15
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 125/2012 to 136/2012
Builders' Lien Act
Builders' Lien Forms Amendment Regulation	130/2012
Government Organization Act
Registry Services (Non-Payment of Fees) Amendment Regulation	132/2012
Health Professions Act
Naturopaths Profession Regulation	126/2012
Insurance Act
Automobile Accident Insurance Benefits Amendment Regulation	127/2012
Fair Practices Amendment Regulation	129/2012
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Oat Growers Commission Authorization Regulation	135/2012
Alberta Oat Growers Commission Plan Regulation	133/2012
Alberta Wheat Commission Plan Regulation	134/2012
Railway (Alberta) Act
Public Railway (Expiry Date) Amendment Regulation	131/2012
Traffic Safety Act
Demerit Point Program and Service of Documents Amendment Regulation	128/2012
Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Amendment Regulation	125/2012