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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 108	Edmonton, Wednesday, February 15, 2012	No. 3
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 1/2012 to 14/2012
Feeder Associations Guarantee Act
Feeder Associations Guarantee Regulation	13/2012
Government Organization Act
Designation and Transfer of Reponsibility Amendment Regulation	14/2012
Judicature Act
Surrogate Rules Amendment Regulation	10/2012
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Lamb Producers Plan Amendment Regulation	1/2012
Alberta Pork Producers' Plan Amendment Regulation	2/2012
Mines and Minerals Act
Oil Sands Royalty Regulation, 2009 Amendment Regulation	11/2012
Municipal Government Act
Highway 43 East Waste Commission Amendment Regulation	6/2012
Regional Health Authorities Act
Health Quality Council of Alberta Repeal Regulation	7/2012
Senatorial Selection Act
Senate Nominee Regulation	5/2012
Vital Statistics Act
Vital Statistics Information Regulation	3/2012
Vital Statistics Ministerial Regulation	12/2012
Vital Statistics Transitional Regulation	4/2012
Wills and Succession Act
Court Procedures Regulation	9/2012
International Wills Registration System Regulation	8/2012