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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 107	Edmonton, Saturday, December 31, 2011	No. 24
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 218/2011 to 227/2011
Alberta Capital Finance Authority Act
Alberta Capital Finance Authority Amendment Regulation	219/2011
Animal Health Act
Swine Traceability Regulation	218/2011
Election Act
Fees and Expenses Amendment Regulation	226/2011
Judicature Act
Alberta Rules of Court (Miscellaneous Forms) Amendment Regulation	227/2011
Justices of the Peace Compensation Commission Establishment Amendment Regulation
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Elk Commission Amendment Regulation	222/2011
Municipal Government Act
Capital Region Assessment Services Commission Amendment Regulation	223/2011
Well Drilling Equipment Tax Rate Amendment Regulation	221/2011
Public Health Act
Qualifications of Executive Officers Amendment Regulation	224/2011
Tobacco Tax Act
Tobacco Tax Amendment Regulation	225/2011