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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 107	Edmonton, Friday April 15, 2011	No. 7
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 40/2011 to 48/2011
Fair Trading Act
Retail Home Sales Business Licensing Amendment Regulation	46/2011
Health Professions Act
Opticians Profession Regulation	45/2011
Livestock and Livestock Products Act
Purchase and Sale of Eggs and Processed Egg Amendment Regulation	47/2011
Mines and Minerals Act
Incremental Ethane Extraction Amendment Regulation	43/2011
Oil Sands Dispute Resolution Amendment Regulation	40/2011
Municipal Government Act
Peace Regional Waste Management Company Regulation	41/2011
Subdivision and Development Forms Amendment Regulation	48/2011
Police Act
Police Service Amendment Regulation	44/2011
Religious Societies' Land Act
Religious Societies' Land Amendment Regulation	42/2011