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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 106	Edmonton, Thursday, April 15, 2010	No. 7
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 18/2010 to 45/2010
Climate Change and Emissions Management Act
Renewable Fuels Standard Regulation	29/2010
Emblems of Alberta Act
Official Emblems Amendment Regulation	18/2010
Emergency Health Services Act
Emergency Health Services (Interim) Amendment Regulation	21/2010
Forests Act
Scaling Amendment Regulation	41/2010
Timber Amendment Regulation	42/2010
Forests Act
Sustainable Resource Development Regulations Amendment Regulation 	27/2010
Government Organization Act
Agriculture and Rural Development Grant Amendment Regulation	25/2010
Restricted Activity Authorization Amendment Regulation	45/2010
Health Insurance Premiums Act
Health Insurance Premiums Amendment Regulation	38/2010
Income and Employment Supports Act
Child and Adult Support Services Amendment Regulation	34/2010
Employment and Training Benefits for Persons with Disabilities 
Amendment Regulation 	30/2010
Income Supports, Health and Training Benefits Amendment Regulation	32/2010
Income Supports, Health and Training Benefits (Mobius) Amendment 
Regulation	31/2010
Recovery, Administrative Penalties and Appeals Amendment Regulation	35/2010
Recovery Regulation	43/2010
Temporary Employment and Job Creation Programs Regulation	33/2010
Training Provider (Mobius) Amendment Regulation	44/2010
Insurance Act
Insurance Agents and Adjusters Amendment Regulation	36/2010
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Beef Producers Authorization Amendment Regulation	23/2010
Alberta Beef Producers Commission Amendment Regulation 	24/2010
Municipal Government Act
Muni Funds Investment Regulation	22/2010
Oil and Gas Conservation Act
Oil and Gas Conservation Amendment Regulation	39/2010
Public Lands Act
Recreational Access Amendment Regulation	20/2010
Sustainable Resource Development Regulations Amendment Regulation	27/2010
Unauthorized Use of Public Land and Recovery of Penalty Regulation 	28/2010
Regulations Act
Miscellaneous Correction Regulation	37/2010
Rural Utilities Act
Rural Utilities Amendment Regulation	26/2010
Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act
Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Regulation	40/2010
Weed Control Act
Weed Control Regulation	19/2010