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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 105	Edmonton, Tuesday, December 15, 2009	No. 23
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 309/2009 to 327/2009
Agricultural Pests Act
Pest and Nuisance Control Amendment Regulation	325/2009
Dairy Industry Act
Dairy Industry Amendment Regulation	320/2009
Fair Trading Act
Energy Marketing Amendment Regulation	309/2009
Fur Farms Act
Fur Farms Amendment Regulation	321/2009
Highways Development and Protection Act
Highways Development and Protection Regulation	326/2009
Income and Employment Supports Act
Training Provider Amendment Regulation	311/2009
Judgment Interest Act
Judgment Interest Amendment Regulation	323/2009
Maintenance Enforcement Act
Maintenance Enforcement Amendment Regulation	324/2009
Municipal Government Act
Aquatera Utilities Inc. Regulation	314/2009
Capital Region Assessment Services Commission Amendment Regulation	312/2009
Equalized Assessment Variance Regulation, 2010	315/2009
Highway 3 Regional Water Services Commission Regulation	313/2009
Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation	310/2009
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
LAPP (2010-12 Contribution Rate Increases) Amendment Regulation	327/2009
Local Authorities Pension Plan (Additional Employers, 2009) 
Amendment Regulation	316/2009
MEPP and PSPP (Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency) 
Amendment Regulation	317/2009
Public Sector Pension Plans (Legislative Provisions) (Closed Management Plan, 2009) 
Amendment Regulation	318/2009
Workers' Compensation Act
Medical Panels Amendment Regulation	319/2009
Youth Criminal Justice Act (Canada)/Youth Justice Act (Alberta)
Youth Justice Designation Regulation	322/2009