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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 105	Edmonton, Friday, July 31, 2009	No. 14
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 196/2009 to 210/2009
Alberta Research and Innovation Act
Alberta Research and Innovation Regulation	203/2009
Architects Act
Architects Act General Regulation	200/2009
Change of Name Act
Change of Name Amendment Regulation	197/2009
Corrections Act
Designated Correctional Institutions Amendment Order	208/2009
Forests Act / Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Forest Resources Improvement Amendment Regulation	206/2009
Forests Act
Timber Management Amendment Regulation	205/2009
Human Tissue and Organ Donation Act
Human Tissue and Organ Donation Regulation	196/2009
Insurance Act
Insurance Councils Amendment Regulation	198/2009
Recovery of Administration Costs Regulation	199/2009
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Barley Commission Amendment Regulation	210/2009
Alberta Beekeepers Plan Amendment Regulation	201/2009
Mines and Minerals Act
New Well Royalty Reduction Regulation	204/2009
Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act
Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Amendment Regulation	207/2009
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Public Service Pension Plan (2010 Contribution Rate Increase) Amendment 
Regulation	209/2009
Teaching Profession Act
Dispute Resolution Process Amendment Bylaw	202/2009