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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 105	Edmonton, Friday, May 15, 2009	No. 9
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 97/2009 to 113/2009
Business Corporations Act
Business Corporations Amendment Regulation	104/2009
Coal Conservation Act
Agent Exemption Regulation	109/2009
Cooperatives Act
Cooperatives Amendment Regulation	107/2009
Corrections Act
Correctional Institution Amendment Regulation	106/2009
Government Organization Act
Corporate Registry Document Handling Procedures Amendment Regulation	108/2009
Health Professions Act
Disclosure of Information Amendment Regulation	99/2009
Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists and Electroneurophysiologists
	Profession Amendment Regulation	113/2009
Livestock Identification and Commerce Act
Livestock Market and Livestock Assembling Station Operator's Licence
	Regulation	110/2009
Meat Inspection Act
Meat Inspection Amendment Regulation	112/2009
Partnership Act
Partnership Regulations	105/2009
Provincial Offences Procedure Act
Procedures (Sustainable Resource Development) Amendment Regulation	100/2009
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
LAPP (Red Deer and District Museum Society) Amendment Regulation	111/2009
Local Authorities Pension Plan ("Good Sam" Employees, 2009)
	Amendment Regulation	102/2009 
MEPP and PSPP (Travel Alberta) Amendment Regulation	103/2009
Safety Codes Act
Pressure Welders Amendment Regulation	97/2009
Seniors Benefit Act
Seniors Benefit Act General Amendment Regulation	98/2009
Teachers' Pension Plans Act
Teachers' and Private School Teachers' Pension Plans (Contribution Rates 2009)
	Amendment Regulation	101/2009