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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 105	Edmonton, Wednesday, April 15, 2009	No. 7
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 59/2009 to 86/2009
Agriculture Financial Services Act
Agriculture Financial Services Amendment Regulation	65/2009
Alberta Health Care Insurance Act
Out-of-Country Health Services Amendment Regulation	69/2009
Alberta Treasury Branches Act
Alberta Treasury Branches (Capital Guidelines, 2009) Amendment Regulation	63/2009
Amusements Act
Regulations Under the Amusements Act Amendment Regulation	61/2009
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Cabinetmaker Trade Amendment Regulation	78/2009 
Elevator Constructor Trade Amendment Regulation	79/2009
Charitable Fund-raising Act
Charitable Fund-raising Amendment Regulation	60/2009
Emergency Health Services Act
Emergency Health Services (Interim) Regulation	76/2009
Electric Utilities Act
Municipal Own-use Generation Regulation	80/2009
Fair Trading Act
Designation of Trades and Businesses Amendment Regulation	66/2009 
Travel Clubs Amendment Regulation	75/2009
Funeral Services Act
Exemption Amendment Regulation	67/2009
Government Organization Act
Restricted Activity Authorization Amendment Regulation	77/2009
Judicature Act
Alberta Provincial Judges and Masters in Chambers Compensation Commission 
Establishment Regulation	73/2009
Justices of the Peace Compensation Commission Establishment Regulation	74/2009
Labour Relations Code
Regional Health Authority Collective Bargaining Amendment Regulation	64/2009
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Beef Producers Authorization Amendment Regulation	81/2009 
Alberta Elk Authorization Amendment Regulation	82/2009 
Sugar Beet Production and Marketing Amendment Regulation	86/2009
Oil and Gas Conservation Act
Oil and Gas Conservation Amendment Regulation	85/2009
Oil Sands Conservation Act
Oil Sands Conservation Amendment Regulation	83/2009
Pharmacy and Drug Act
Pharmacy and Drug Amendment Regulation	72/2009
Pipeline Act
Pipeline Amendment Regulation	84/2009
Regional Health Authorities Act
Alberta Cancer Foundation Regulation	70/2009
Cancer Registry Regulation	71/2009
Safety Codes Act
Elevating Devices Codes Regulation	62/2009
Vital Statistics Act
Access to Information Amendment Regulation	68/2009
Wildlife Act
Wildlife (Residence Requirement Relaxation, 2009) Amendment Regulation	59/2009