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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 105	Edmonton, Saturday, March 14, 2009	No. 5
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 26/2009 to 39/2009
Alberta Personal Property Bill of Rights
Exemption Amendment Regulation	33/2009
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Floorcovering Installer Trade Amendment Regulation	39/2009
Dairy Industry Omnibus Act, 2002
Alberta Milk Records Transfer Amendment Regulation	30/2009
Employment Pension Plans Act
Employment Pension Plans Amendment Regulation, 2009	28/2009
Fair Trading Act
Direct Sales Cancellation and Exemption Amendment Regulation	26/2009
Labour Relations Code
Market Enhancement Recovery Fund Distribution Regulation	29/2009
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Milk Records Disclosure Amendment Regulation	31/2009
Egg Production and Marketing Amendment Regulation	38/2009
Municipal Government Act
Central Waste Management Commission Amendment Regulation	27/2009
Private Investigators and Security Guards Act
Private Investigators and Security Guards Amendment Regulation	32/2009
Regulations Act
Regulations Act Amendment Regulation	34/2009
School Act
Capital Borrowing Amendment Regulation	37/2009
Early Childhood Services Amendment Regulation	36/2009
Traffic Safety Act
Commercial Vehicle Certificate and Insurance (Authority Transfer 2008)
	Amendment Regulation	35/2009