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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 104	Edmonton, Thursday, May 15, 2008	No. 9
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 51/2008 to 63/2008
Alberta Treasury Branches Act
Alberta Treasury Branches (Asset-backed Commercial Paper, 2008)
  Amendment Regulation	59/2008
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Hairstylist Trade Amendment Regulation	58/2008
Parts Technician Trade Regulation	57/2008
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Conservation and Reclamation Amendment Regulation	63/2008
Environmental Assessment (Mandatory and Exempted Activities)
  Amendment Regulation	62/2008
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act 
Alberta Milk Plan Minimum Price for Sub-class 1a Milk Order	56/2008
Turkey Marketing Amendment Regulation	51/2008
Municipal Government Act
South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Commission Regulation	52/2008
Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission Regulation	53/2008
Sylvan Lake Regional Water Commission Regulation	54/2008
Post-secondary Learning Act
Long-Range Plans and Commercial Purpose Definition Amendment Regulation	55/2008
Provincial Court Act
Provincial Court Judges and Masters in Chambers Compensation 
  Amendment Regulation	61/2008
Stray Animals Act 
Stray Animals Amendment Regulation	60/2008