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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 102	Edmonton, Monday, July 31, 2006	No. 14
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 156/2006 to 181/2006
Agricultural Pests Act
Pest and Nuisance Control Amendment Regulation	160/2006
Alberta Treasury Branches Act
Alberta Treasury Branches Amendment Regulation	169/2006
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Ironworker Trade Regulation	156/2006
Cemeteries Act
Crematories Designation Amendment Regulation	162/2006
General Amendment Regulation	157/2006
Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act
Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Amendment Regulation	163/2006
Credit Union Act
Credit Union (Principal) Amendment Regulation	170/2006
Electric Utilities Act
Payment in Lieu of Tax Amendment Regulation	172/2006
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Beverage Container Recycling Amendment Regulation	164/2006
Financial Administration Act
Indemnity Authorization Amendment Regulation	179/2006
Fisheries (Alberta) Act
General Fisheries (Alberta)(Competitive Fishing Event Licence)  
Amendment Regulation	165/2006
Funeral Services Act
General Amendment Regulation	158/2006
Government Organization Act
Edmonton Restricted Development Area Amendment Regulation	167/2006
Municipal Affairs Grants Amendment Regulation	175/2006
Insurance Act
Automobile Insurance Premiums Amendment Regulation	171/2006
Justice of the Peace Act
Justice of the Peace Amendment Regulation	178/2006
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Milk Plan Minimum Price for Sub-Class 1A Milk Order	180/2006
Mines and Minerals Act
Petroleum Marketing Regulation	174/2006
Petroleum Royalty Amendment Regulation	173/2006
Municipal Government Act
Canmore Undermining Review Amendment Regulation	176/2006
Natural Gas Rebates Act
Heating Oil and Propane Amendment Regulation	1662/006
Persons with Developmental Disabilities Community Governance Act
Persons with Developmental Disabilities Community Governance  
(Ministerial) Regulation	181/2006
Petroleum Marketing Act
Petroleum Marketing Regulation	174/2006
Provincial Offences Procedure Act
Procedures Amendment Regulation	168/2006
Safety Codes Act
Motor Vehicle Propane Conversions Amendment Regulation	177/2006
Traffic Safety Act
Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control (Residency) Amendment Regulation	161/2006
Wildlife Act
Wildlife (2006 Hunting Season - Ministerial) Amendment Regulation	159/2006

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