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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 101	Edmonton, Thursday, June 30, 2005	No. 12
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 92/2005 to 106/2005
Alberta Health Care Insurance Act
Alberta Health Care Insurance Amendment Regulation	95/2005
Civil Enforcement Act
Civil Enforcement Amendment Regulation	103/2005
Disaster Services Act
Government Emergency Planning Amendment Regulation	102/2005
Financial Administration Act
Funds and Agencies Exemption Amendment Regulation	97/2005
Government Organization Act
Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation	93/2005
Insurance Act
Adverse Contractual Action Regulation	98/2005
Mechanical Recording of Evidence Act
Mechanical Recording of Evidence Act Amendment Regulation	104/2005
Mines and Minerals Act
Gas Processing Efficiency Assistance Amendment Regulation	101/2005
Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution Act
Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution Amendment Regulation	94/2005
Public Health Act
Communicable Diseases Amendment Regulation	96/2005
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Local Authorities Pension Plan (Rocky View Foundation Participation)
   Amendment Regulation	99/2005
Public Sector Pension Plans (Legislative Provisions) (Remuneration and
   Indemnification 2005) Amendment Regulation	100/2005
Regulations Act
Miscellaneous Corrections Regulation	105/2005
School Act
Student Record Amendment Regulation	106/2005
Water Act
Water (Ministerial) Amendment Regulation	92/2005
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