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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 101	Edmonton, Thursday, March 31, 2005	No. 6
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 21/2005 to 33/2005
Forest and Prairie Protection Act
Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation	31/2005
Fire Control Zone Regulation	29/2005 
Forest and Prairie Protection Regulations Part I Amendment Regulation	30/2005
Government Organization Act 
Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation	22/2005
Income and Employment Supports Act 
Income Supports, Health and Training Benefits Amendment Regulation	27/2005 
Recovery, Administrative Penalties and Appeals Amendment Regulation	28/2005 
Temporary Employment and Job Creation Programs Amendment Regulation	26/2005
Municipal Government Act 
Debt Limit Amendment Regulation	25/2005
Planning Exemption Amendment Regulation	23/2005
Safety Codes Act
Amusement Rides Standards Amendment Regulation	32/2005
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Exemption Amendment Order	24/2005
Safety Codes Regulations (Expiry) Amendment Regulation	33/2005
Surveys Act
Cadastral Mapping Fee Amendment Order	21/2005

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