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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 100	Edmonton, Monday, November 15, 2004	No. 21
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 227/2004 to 254/2004
Alberta Centennial Education Savings Plan Act
Alberta Centennial Education Savings Plan Regulation	248/2004
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Act
Security Management Regulation	249/2004
Alberta Health Care Insurance Act
Alberta Health Care Insurance Amendment Regulation	242/2004
Chiropractic Benefits Amendment Regulation	230/2004
Animal Protection Act
Tariff of Expenses Amendment Regulation	252/2004
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Designated Occupations Amendment Regulation	231/2004
Climate Change and Emissions Management Act
Specified Gas Reporting Regulation	251/2004
Court of Appeal Act; Court of Queen's Bench Act; Civil Enforcement Act
Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation	238/2004
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act; Forests Act
Forest Resources Improvement Amendment Regulation	233/2004
Feed Associations Guarantee Act
Feeder Associations Guarantee Amendment Regulation	245/2004
Forests Act
Timber Management Amendment Regulation	234/2004
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Regulation	235/2004
Health Professions Act
Dental Technologists Profession Regulation	243/2004
Hospitals Act
Crown's Right of Recovery (Minister of Revenue) Amendment Regulation	227/2004
Lloydminster Municipal Amalgamation Act
Lloydminster Charter Amendment Regulation	232/2004
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Chicken Producers Federal Authorization Amendment Order	246/2004
Mines and Minerals Act
Innovative Energy Technologies Regulation	250/2004

Minors' Property Act
Minors' Property Regulation	240/2004
Municipal Government Act
The Town of Vulcan and Vulcan County Investment Regulation	228/2004
Partnership Act
Partnership Amendment Regulation	236/2004
Personal Property Security Act
Personal Property Security Amendment Regulation	237/2004
Pharmaceutical Profession Act
Scheduled Drugs Amendment Regulation	244/2004
Police Act
Exempted Areas Police Service Agreements Regulation	229/2004
Provincial Court Act; Court of Queen's Bench Act
Provincial Court Judges and Masters in Chambers Compensation 
Amendment Regulation	239/2004
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Public Sector Pension Plans (Legislative Provisions) 
(Expiry and Repeal Extensions, 2004) Amendment Regulation	247/2004
Public Trustee Act
Public Trustee General Regulation	241/2004
Traffic Safety Act
Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Amendment Regulation	253/2004
Traffic Control Device Regulation	254/2004
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