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The Alberta Gazette
Part II
Vol. 100	Edmonton, Thursday, April 15, 2004	No. 7
Table of Contents
Alberta Regulations 45/2004 to 67/2004
Agriculture Financial Services Act
Agriculture Financial Services Amendment Regulation	64/2004
Charitable Fund-raising Act
Charitable Fund-raising Amendment Regulation	57/2004
Electric Utilities Act
Liability Protection Regulation	66/2004 
Municipal Generation Deficiency Correction Regulation	67/2004
Government Organization Act
Calgary Restricted Development Area Amendment Regulation	49/2004
Income and Employment Supports Act
Child and Adult Support Services Regulation	61/2004 
Employment and Training Benefits for Persons with Disabilities Regulation	59/2004 
Income Supports, Health and Training Benefits Regulation	60/2004 
Recovery Regulation	46/2004
Local Authorities Election Act
Edmonton Election Amendment Regulation	47/2004
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Barley Plan Amendment Regulation	65/2004
Metis Settlements Act
Metis Settlements Subdivision Amendment Regulation	58/2004
Municipal Government Act
Principles and Criteria for Off-site Levies Regulation	48/2004 
Supplementary Accounting Principles and Standards Amendment Regulation	62/2004
Post-secondary Learning Act
Approval of Programs of Study Regulation	51/2004 
Athabasca University Regulation	50/2004 
Long-range Plans and Commercial Purpose Definition Regulation	54/2004 
Model Provisions Regulation	53/2004 
Pension Validation Regulation	52/2004 
Public Post-secondary Institutions' Tuition Fees Regulation	55/2004
Traffic Safety Act
Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Amendment Regulation	45/2004
Victims of Crime Act
Victims of Crime Regulation	63/2004
Wildlife Act
Wildlife Amendment Regulation	56/2004
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