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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 100  EDMONTON, THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 2004    No. 1



     Alberta Regulations 380/2003 to 394/2003

Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Act
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Rules of Practice Amendment Regulation  391/2003
Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Heavy Equipment Technician Trade Amendment Regulation  393/2003
Trades (Expiry Clause) Amendment Regulation  394/2003
Change of Name Act
Change of Name Amendment Regulation     385/2003
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Release Reporting Amendment Regulation  386/2003
Income and Employment Supports Act
Recovery, Administrative Penalties and Appeals Regulation   381/2003
Temporary Employment and Job Creation Programs Regulation   380/2003
Training Provider Regulation  384/2003
Insurance Act
Fair Practices Regulation     382/2003
Local Authorities Election Act
Ballot Box Regulation    387/2003
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Sheep and Wool Commission Regulation 389/2003
Oil and Gas Conservation Act
Oil and Gas Conservation Amendment Regulation     390/2003
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Public Sector Pension Plans (Legislative Provisions) (Matrimonial
Relationship Breakdown) Amendment Regulation 383/2003
Public Trustee Act
Public Trustee Common Fund Interest Rate Regulation    388/2003

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