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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 99   EDMONTON, SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2003  No. 11



     Alberta Regulations 139/2003 to 173/2003

Adult Interdependent Relationships Act
Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement Regulation 141/2003
Agricultural Pests Act
Pest and Nuisance Control Amendment Regulation    150/2003
Alberta Housing Act
Management Body Operation and Administration Amendment Regulation     155/2003
Social Housing Accommodation Amendment Regulation 154/2003
Cancer Programs Act
Cancer Programs Amendment Regulation    153/2003
Cemeteries Act
General Amendment Regulation  142/2003
Credit Union Act
Credit Union (Ministerial) Amendment Regulation   171/2003
Electric Utilities Act
Balancing Pool Regulation     158/2003
Billing Regulation, 2003 159/2003
Code of Conduct Regulation    160/2003
Common Facilities Costs Regulation 161/2003
Distribution Tariff Regulation     162/2003
Flare Gas Generation Regulation    163/2003
H.R. Milner Generating Unit Negotiated Settlement
    Implementation Regulation 164/2003
Isolated Generating Units and Customer Choice Regulation    165/2003
Market Surveillance Regulation     166/2003
Power Purchase Arrangements Regulation  167/2003
Regulated Default Supply Regulation     168/2003
Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities Regulation, 2003  169/2003
Tribunal Process and Procedure Regulation    170/2003
Fair Trading Act
Cost of Credit Disclosure Amendment Regulation    143/2003
Credit and Personal Reports Amendment Regulation  144/2003
Funeral Services Act
General Amendment Regulation  145/2003
Members of the Legislative Assembly Pension Plan Act
Members of the Legislative Assembly Pension Plan (Ministerial)
   Amendment Regulation  172/2003
Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act
Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Ministerial Amendment Regulation     146/2003
Municipal Government Act
Aquatera Utilities Inc. Regulation 152/2003
Smoky River Regional Water Management Commission Regulation 151/2003

Personal Directives Act
Personal Directives Amendment Regulation     156/2003
Provincial Parks Act
Fees Amendment Regulation     157/2003
Residential Tenancies Act
Residential Tenancies Ministerial Amendment Regulation 147/2003
Traffic Safety Act
Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation    140/2003
Off-highway Vehicle Amendment Regulation     148/2003
Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Amendment Regulation 149/2003
Vehicle Seizure and Removal Amendment Regulation  139/2003
Wildlife Act
Wildlife Amendment Regulation 173/2003

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