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     The Alberta Gazette
     PART II


Vol. 99   EDMONTON, TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2003  No. 7 



     Alberta Regulations 49/2003 to 83/2003

Administrative Procedures Act
Authorities Designation Regulation 64/2003
Commissioners for Oaths Act
Commissioners for Oaths Fee Regulation  65/2003
Dependent Adults Act
Dependent Adults Amendment Regulation   52/2003
Financial Administration Act
Indemnity Authorization Amendment Regulation 75/2003
Fuel Tax Act
Fuel Tax Amendment Regulation 74/2003
Government Organization Act
Calgary Restricted Development Area Amendment Regulation    54/2003
Designation and Transfer of Responsibility Amendment Regulation  70/2003
Edmonton Restricted Development Area Amendment Regulation   55/2003
Infrastructure Grants Regulation   56/2003
Learning Grants Regulation    77/2003
Municipal Affairs Grants Amendment Regulation     50/2003
Transportation Grants Regulation   79/2003
Guarantees Acknowledgement Act
Guarantees Acknowledgement Forms Regulation  66/2003
Health Professions Act
Licensed Practical Nurses Profession Regulation   81/2003
Optometrists Profession Regulation 83/2003
Social Workers Profession Regulation    82/2003
Interprovincial Subpoena Act
Interprovincial Subpoena Regulation     67/2003
Labour Relations Code
Regional Health Authority Collective Bargaining Regulation  80/2003
Livestock and Livestock Products Act
Hatchery Supply Flock Approval Amendment Regulation    71/2003
Purchase and Sale of Eggs and Egg Products Amendment Regulation  72/2003
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act
Alberta Milk Plan Amendment Regulation  73/2003
Alberta Milk Plan Authorization Amendment Regulation   61/2003
Alberta Milk Marketing Amendment Regulation  58/2003
Alberta Milk Plan Minimum Price for Sub-class 1A Milk Order 49/2003
Miscellaneous Regulations (Expiry) Amendment Regulation     63/2003
Municipal Government Act
Beaver River Regional Waste Management Commission Regulation     51/2003
Natural Gas Rebates Act
Heating Oil and Propane Regulation 78/2003
Notaries Public Act
Notaries Public Regulation    68/2003
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Occupational Health and Safety Regulation    62/3003
Personal Directives Act
Personal Directives Amendment Regulation     59/2003
Police Act / Private Investigators and Security Guards Act
Solicitor General Expiry Clauses Amendment Regulation  53/2003
Private Vocational Schools Act
Private Vocational Schools Amendment Regulation   57/2003
Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Management Employees Pension Plan (2003 Contribution Rate Increase)
  Amendment Regulation   76/2003
Surface Rights Act
Definition Regulation    60/2003
Youth Criminal Justice Act (Canada) / Young Offenders Act (Alberta)
Youth Justice Designation Regulation    69/2003

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